I Fell in Love With the Worst Computer Money Can Buy

The Freewrite is a simple machine. It has one button, a full keyboard, and a tiny e-ink screen that can barely update fast enough to keep up with the average typing speed. The device is built for one thing: writing stories and syncing them to the cloud. Read More >>

You Can Fund the Beautiful Hemingwrite Cloud-Synced Typewriter

Hemingwrite, the company behind the gorgeous typewriter throwback that hooks up to cloud services like Evernote and Google Docs without offering the myriad distractions of unfettered web access, is now looking for crowd funding to get its product into the hands of wannabe Hemmingways, Hardys and Heaneys. Read More >>

This iPad Typewriter Is Loud and Banging Fun

As keyboards eventually move towards dead silent and touch screen, you'll rue the loss of clickity, clackity keyboards filled with character. Hell, we're already without the beautiful racket of typewriters. Click, tap, tap, reset. It's the sound of work and art at the same time. So combining a typewriter with an iPad? That's a sound I love to hear. [YouTube via Kottke] Read More >>

If You Don’t Have Your Headphones Plugged in While Running this Application, You’re a Terrible Human

The world is made up of two kinds of people: those sadistic monsters who leave the key-board clicks turned on on their iPhones, and the sane angels who keep that shit off. Read More >>