Monkeys Text at 12 Words a Minute Using Their Thoughts Alone

Using a brain implant, Stanford researchers have developed a mind-machine interface that allows monkeys to text at the very reasonable rate of 12 words per minute. Eventually, the system could be used to help people with movement disorders to communicate more efficiently. Read More >>

I Fell in Love With the Worst Computer Money Can Buy

The Freewrite is a simple machine. It has one button, a full keyboard, and a tiny e-ink screen that can barely update fast enough to keep up with the average typing speed. The device is built for one thing: writing stories and syncing them to the cloud. Read More >>

12 Smartphone Keyboards That are Trying to Reinvent Mobile Typing

You know what’s weird? Typing on your phone. We use two thumbs to peck out words on a keyboard designed for ten fingers—a keyboard designed to be slow. You know what’s weirder? Smartphone keyboards designed to trump our flawed typing standard. Here are 12 of them. Read More >>

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R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard Maker Turns to Dark Plastic Side

The lovely little R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard is about to have a refresh, with the maker giving it a black lick of paint and calling it the R2-Q5. The deal is the same as before, though -- a cute little R2 unit to sit on your desk and project a full QWERTY keyboard in front of your keyboardless mobile device. Read More >>

The Least Stupid Way to Type on a Smartwatch

If you really need to type on your smartwatch (you don't) there's finally a solution (that you should avoid needing). Minuum, the premier super-tiny keyboard, is coming to Android Wear and from the demo reel, it doesn't look half bad. Read More >>

Could We Ever Power a Laptop by Recovering Energy From Typing?

Tip-tap-tip-tap-tippety-tap. We all spend our days bashing keys at our computer—so how much energy could we create if we could recover just a little of it? Read More >>

Apple’s Auto-Correct Team Still Terrorised by The Simpsons’ Auto-Correct Parody 20 Years Later

A 1994 episode of The Simpsons which laughed at Apple's early attempts at auto-correction spurred on the team to (try to) make a better job of it, with the term 'Eat Up Martha' becoming something of a regular catchphrase during the development of the iOS keyboard. Read More >>

How Typing on a Smart Watch Might Actually Make Sense

While the prospect of new smart watches from every corner is terribly exciting, few people seem to spent much time working out how to make them, you know, useful. But a researcher from Carnegie Mellon University has, fortunately, been trying to work out if an on-screen keyboard could work on a smart watch — and the here's his solution. Read More >>

This is the New, Free Browser Game From the Creator of Minecraft

Bored this Monday lunchtime? Check out Drop, the new free-to-play browser game from Notch, the creator of the epic Minecraft. It's like Mavis Beacon slammed into Super Hexagon. Addictive and useful. It's practically, err, educational. Read More >>

How Fast Do You Type?

Back in the day, typing was something of a specialised skill. Or so I am led to believe. Frankly, it's hard to imagine. Now typing up a document isn't a task for some army of receptionists, but rather something we all do every day, at work, at home, on our phones (but that's different). Read More >>

Is It Okayyyyyy To Say Heyyyyyyyyyy?

There's a virus we need to talk about. It's spread between our brains, fingers, and keyboards, we rarely think about it, and we almost all do it. Maybe it's harmless. Or maybe it's corroding our entire language. Ughhhhhhhhhhh! Read More >>

Play This Typing Karoake Game to Get Better at Typing

We're not all blessed with the vocal chords or performance abilities to be a karoake superstar but we've all spent a heckuva lotta time with our fingers on a keyboard. So prove your typing skills by playing Typing Karoake, it's an 8-bit typing game that lets you type out song lyrics as if you were singing karoake. It's fun! Read More >>

Is Handwriting Dead?

These days, virtually all of our personal communication is performed digitally or over the phone. We type emails; compose tweets; blurt out status updates; spit out instant messages; make phone calls... and not a single bit of it is handwritten. Read More >>

This Keyboard’s Thin Display Keeps Your Eyes Focused on Typing For Better Concentration

The Smartype seems better suited for hunt and peck typists who spend more time staring at their keyboard than their displays. But its creators claim its tiny display will actually make even touch typists more productive by allowing them to concentrate on the keys at hand. Read More >>

Nobody Writes Anything Anymore, Says Study

Have any of you picked up a pen and paper to scrawl some note or jot down a quick to do list only to find your hand muscles have gone slack and your once-clear, familiar handwriting now crooked and forced? I have. Sometimes. It's really rather sad. Read More >>