A Single Typo Nearly Killed the Paris Climate Accord

Hours before the historic Paris climate accord was to be ratified in a final vote, someone noticed that a word had been changed in the final draft of the text, a single word that threatened to derail the entire deal Read More >>

The Typo That Destroyed a NASA Rocket

On July 22, 1962, at 9:20 PM, the Mariner I sat idly on its platform, ready to make history. After investing years of construction, calculation, and funding, NASA had high hopes that its rocket would successfully conduct a flyby survey of Venus, thus shifting the Space Race's momentum back to the home front. In every way, it was poised to set a space travel precedent. Read More >>

Photoshop, or Did Samsung Cock Up and Suggest Using a Penis to Control the Galaxy Note?

Let's be generous and put this staggering Samsung billboard down to a typographical error at the printer, shall we? Though it's more than likely a Photoshop, yes. Although, biologically speaking, the penis is better than the finger in some respects, although the finger is perhaps more adaptable and can reach... we'll stop there. Read More >>

Test Your Typo Finding Skills in This Stressful Timed Test

Spot a typo on the Internet? Get your pitchforks, saddle up the horses, and raise hell until it's fixed. Or... just leave a nasty comment! Truthfully though, typos suck. When you're reading something, blatant tyops (heh) can smack your eyes and snap you back to consciousness. It's like being pinched in a dream or something. But what about mind fart typos like confusing there and their or it's and its or you're and your? Some of those mistakes still drive people nuts! Read More >>