Rare T-Rex Relative Discovered in New Mexico

They don’t look remarkable to the untrained eye. The skull bones are fragmentary, unrecognisable to most. The story of a fearsome tyrannosaur, who lived millions of years before T-Rex, would remain lost to the ages had it not been for the fossil’s discovery in New Mexico by a dedicated team of dinosaur hunters. Read More >>

T. Rex Couldn’t Sprint But It Could Still Move Faster Than You

Films like Jurassic Park have led us to believe that Tyrannosaurus rex was capable of chasing down its prey at full tilt. New research done with simulations suggest this dino was no sprinter, and that it couldn’t move any faster than a brisk walk. Well, a brisk walk for a nine tonne carnivore. At a top speed of 12 miles per hour, you’d still have a hard time outrunning this prehistoric beast. Read More >>

This is the Best T-Rex Costume You’ve Ever Seen

A Japanese company called On-Art Corporation wants to build a Jurassic Park-like attraction called “Dino-A-Park.” But instead of spending billions of dollars trying to bring extinct creatures back to life, the company has instead created some of the most life-like and realistic dinosaur costumes you’ve ever seen. Read More >>

This £1.64 Million Half-Complete T-Rex Doesn’t Cost Money, It Makes Money

For $100,000, Hammacher Schlemmer will sell you a life-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but for $2.39 million/£1.64 million Theropod Expeditions will sell you the real thing—or at least 45 per cent of one. With 135 of its 300 bones being genuine fossils collected in Montana and Wyoming, it’s more complete than many T-rex skeletons on display in museums. Read More >>

Behold Timurlengia — the Elusive Missing Link in Tyrannosaur Evolution

Say hello to Timurlengia euotica, a horse-sized dinosaur that lived roughly 90 million years ago. Discovered in Uzbekistan, this newly described species was a distant relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, and it’s helping scientists explain how relatively small carnivores evolved into the gigantic predators that dominated the Late Cretaceous. Read More >>

star wars
Nothing Says Congratulations Like a T-Rex Placing a Medal Around BB-8’s Neck

As you’ve no doubt already heard, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has smashed global box office figures, with tickets sales of $529 million (£355 million). It’s taken the crown off Jurassic World, which hit the $525 million (£353 million) mark back in the summer. Read More >>

How T. Rex Ate a Triceratops in Four Easy Steps

If you've always wondered how Tyrannosaurs Rex ate the horned monstrosity that was a Triceratops, you need puzzle no longer. Scientists have finally pieced together how they did it—and it was surprisingly straightforward. Read More >>

The T-Rex Was Even Bigger and Scarier Than We Thought

As if the Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't big and scary and sharp toothy enough, scientists are now saying that they're EVEN BIGGER. Using 3D laser scans, scientists virtually weighed T-Rexes and found that those badass beasts weighed in 30 per cent heavier than expected. Read More >>