‘The Gore King:’ T-Rex’s Granddaddy Gets Given a Really Badass Name

A new species of tyrannosauridae has been unearthed in southern Utah, and due to how absolutely brutal it looks, has been dubbed 'Gore King of the Southwest' (lythronax argestes). 'Tyrant Lizard King' doesn't sound so hard now, does it? Read More >>

Who Will Win a Battle Between the Largest Prehistoric Snake and a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

The Titanoboa was a one-ton, 15m-long snake who lived 58-million years. Scientists thought it couldn't exist. Yet, they discovered its fossil in Cerrajón, Colombia. She, a constrictor that could kill anything with a pressure of 400PSI. That's the equivalent of being under three Eiffel Towers. Read More >>