Michelin’s Airless Tyre Might Actually Start Existing

We've been promising airless, puncture-proof tyres for-bloody-ever by this point. But pump-haters, your time is arriving: starting next week, a factory in Piedmont, SC is going to start pumping them out. Read More >>

We Didn’t Know How Tyre Sounds are Made Until Now

With supercomputers capable of beating our best chess and Jeopardy players, you'd think that being able to simulate the sounds a tyre makes while rolling on a road was easy—but it's not. In fact, Yokohama had to team up with the Japanese equivalent of NASA to finally recreate how air and sound behave around the company's tyres. Read More >>

Three Cars Wiped Out as Police Accidentally Drop “Stinger” on the Road

Drivers heading down the A30 near Launceston had a bit of a shock last week, after a stinger device -- a spiky thing designed to burst tyres in car chases -- fell out of a police car boot and was run over by members of the public. Their tyres then duly exploded. Read More >>

Bridgestone’s Futuristic Airless-Tyres are Almost Ready For Your Car

Bridgestone continues to taunt us with its wonderful airless tyres that promise enhanced durability, minimal maintenance, and the ability to never go flat. Previously, the tyre-maker was only demonstrating smaller versions of the wheel designed for golf carts and the like, but at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show it's finally revealed a larger version bringing the innovative tyres one step—or roll—closer to your car. Read More >>

The First Airless-Tyre Vehicle You Can Own Is a Wicked ATV

Airless—or non-pneumatic tyres—have popped up from time to time over the past few years, and while they offer many advantages over traditional air-filled tyres, they haven't been available outside of research labs—until now. Polaris is officially the first company to offer a vehicle with non-pneumatic tyres on its new Sportsman WV850 H.O. all-terrain vehicle. Read More >>

Reinvented Airless Wheel is Greener, Quieter and Just as Round

This odd round thing is the Hanook i-Flex, a new take on the car wheel and tyre combo that does away with air. Which means no more flat tyres and the people who hate you can't slash them. Read More >>

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This Is What an Exploding Tyre Looks Like In Slow Motion

I've seen tyre blowouts on the motorway and it's not pretty. Even at that speed you get a real sense of the power and life-threatening nature of blown tyre, which could easily send your car careering into the barrier, or worse, other cars. Here's what it actually looks like in slow motion. [YouTube via Jalopnik] Read More >>

Bridgestone Puncture-Proof Tyres Were Possibly Designed With a Spirograph

By using an intricate resin spoke system, Bridgestone's new airless tyre provides the same level of shock absorption as an inflated tire, without you having to worry about monitoring air pressure or changing a flat ever again. Read More >>

When Humble Car Tires Become Delicate Works of Art

When your stable of art projects includes feces and tattooed pigs, using tires as your canvas is no real surprise. Read More >>