Believe it or Not This Paper Scarf Will Actually Help Keep You Warm

You've always got a place to jot down ideas with a smartphone in hand, but can your Nexus 6 keep you warm on a cold morning? Not likely, and definitely not like this Paper Scarf from Little Factory can, while giving you over 1.6 metres of white space to scribble down notes and doodles. Read More >>

Get All Starry-Eyed With This Indestructible Tyvek Constellation Map

I am useless when it comes to constellations; identifying Orion's Belt and the Dippers (Big and Little) is about as deep as my skills go when it comes to eyeballing the heavens. This Crumpled Sky Map by Palomar seems like it would be an awesome tool to help me and my fellow heavens-blind folk educate ourselves in the ways of the cosmos. Read More >>

Beautiful Light Fixtures Folded From A Single Sheet Of Tyvek

So you can fashion a piece of loose leaf into a paper crane? Snore. Behold the skills of Jiangmei Wu, who turns single sheets of Tyvek into incredibly intricate sculptures that glow from within. Read More >>