The FBI’s Drone Pilot Team is Just Two Blokes

The US Justice Department inspector general's recent audit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) drone programme revealed something surprising: the FBI drone pilot team is literally just two people sitting in a room. Read More >>

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The US Navy’s New Triton Drone Just Flew Clear Across America

Less than half a year after being greenlit, the US Navy's newest broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) platform, the MQ-4C Triton, has just passed a major developmental milestone—as well as the whole of the contiguous United States. Read More >>

Should Cities Have Zoning for Drones?

The FAA's rules about commercial drones in the USA have so far been ham-fisted: ban, except in special cases. But what would a world where we live, play, and work next to drones look like? What would city zoning for drones look like? Read More >>

How the Navy of the Future Will Find—And Destroy—Underwater Mines

You don't joke about mining important maritime trade routes—Iran did and nearly started WWIII. And while America's fleet of MH-53E Sea Dragons and Avenger-class mine countermeasures ships are still quite effective, they're getting really, really old. Both platforms entered service in the mid-1980s and are quickly nearing their retirement dates. Here's what the US Navy has in store for its future countermining operations. Read More >>

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The SkyRanger Flies in the Face of Inclement Weather

Quad-copters have become a popular choice for aerial surveillance tasks, in both the public and private sectors, thanks to their portability and ease of use. Problem is, their diminutive nature also limits where and when they can fly—high winds can knock them clear out of the air. The new SkyRanger sUAS, however, is powerful enough to lift off in conditions that would ground other drones. Read More >>

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Tomorrow’s Corporate Jets Will Be Flying Johnny Cabs

Being a commercial airline pilot isn't as glamorous as Leonardo di Caprio would have you believe; in practice, it's more akin to long haul trucking than aerial acrobatics. So rather than force a human pilot to endure the monotony of maintaining course, a European research consortium wants to replace them entirely — with software. Read More >>

First Ever British-Born Drone “Mantis” Takes to UK Skies

British pride has been in full swing this year, with the Queen's Jubilee spearheading the way, alongside the upcoming Olympics and other various sporting events. Each of these spectacles has enabled us to get behind our country and be proud of our nation. Here's something else to be proud of too (or scared), as BAE Systems has revealed that its brand new Mantis UAS Concept Demonstrator drone is about to be trialled in UK airspace for the very first time. Read More >>