Self-Powered Aeroplane With Lungs Tested in Portsmouth

This airship thing is not an airship, despite the visual clue of having the shape of an airship. It's one potential contender for the next generation of autonomous flying machine, using the weird science of variable-buoyancy propulsion to move itself along. Read More >>

Heads Up, Some DJI Drones Are Just Falling Out of the Sky

DJI has revealed that one of its drone products is having issues that are causing some to plummet from the sky. Read More >>

DJI’s New Cheap Drone Looks an Awful Lot Like Everybody Else’s Cheap Drone

In a splashy reveal at Grand Central Station on Wednesday, DJI announced the Spark, a pint-sized camera drone that’s been rumoured for weeks. The company says it’s about the size and weight of a coke can. You can also control it with the wave of a hand. Read More >>

Parrot Disco Hands-On Review: The Drone That Gives Beginners Wings

"Look up in the sky. It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's the most cliché-driven introduction to a drone story that you have ever heard!" Forgive me for summoning the hackneyed phrasing, but it was that famous Superman line that flashed across my mind as I witnessed Parrot's new Disco drone gliding through the Californian skies, my neck craned to see the fixed-wing craft in full flight set across the solid, baking hot blue expanse above. Read More >>

A Drone Hit a Passenger Plane and Nothing Happened

Earlier today, a British Airways pilot on approach to London Heathrow said that he thought he collided with a drone. It’s the nightmare pilots (and drone operators) fear the most, but according to British Airways, the plane didn’t get a scratch. Read More >>

Autonomous Drones Can Land on Moving Cars Now

Self-driving cars might be all the rage these days, but what about the poor computer-piloted drones? Well, while no-one’s been looking, they’ve been perfecting the aerial version of the patented Italian Job getaway. Read More >>

DJI’s First Flagship Store Looks Like Drone Heaven

DJI, maker of drones and enabler of lawsuits, has become the most recognised drone company in the world, despite not having any actual stores. That’s all changing with the opening of its first flagship in Shenzen. Read More >>

DJI Drone App Helps its Aviators Avoid Short-Term No-Go Areas

Yesterday, popular maker of consumer drones 3DR announced that its Solo craft would be updated with a system that tells owners where they’re not allowed to fly. Now DJI, makers of the ubiquitous Phantom line, is following suit. Read More >>

3DR’s Solo Drone Will Help You Be a Responsible Pilot

Most owners of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) live happy, litigation-free lives. But others continue to ruin things for us, by flying over wildfires or playing chicken with airliners. A new feature for 3DR’s Solo drone will aim to change all that. Read More >>

Crooks With Drone Busted Trying to Smuggle Porn and Drugs Into Prison

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) often get a bad name for being technological troublemakers, and this story won't gonna help: police from Maryland, US, say they’ve arrested two men who supossedly planned to smuggle contraband into prison using a drone. Read More >>

9 Misconceptions About Drones That Engineers Wish You’d Shut Up About

They’re robots. They fly. They’re watching you. And they’re increasingly found everywhere: yep, they’re drones. You may think you know exactly what they are and what they do. You don’t. Read More >>

NASA’s Ten Engine Electric Drone Goes From Chopper to Aeroplane and Back

Space missions get all the hype, but NASA Aeronautics is doing some pretty cool stuff, too. Their ten engine, unmanned electric plane, for instance, has just successfully transitioned from hover mode to wing-borne flight and back again. Read More >>

US Navy Tests Swarming Drones to Overwhelm its Enemies With Death from Above

The American Office of Naval Research has revealed its superbly acronymed LOCUST -- Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology -- programme, a scheme to use UAVs with the ability to form joint combat units and overwhelm whatever thing the US is currently angry at. Read More >>

This Footage of Ukrainian Aftermath is Why We Need Drone Journalism

On Friday, January 16th, The New York Times published a report detailing Ukrainian rebels' conflict to seize the Donetsk airport, now a bombed-out shell of its former self. If the report is true, it would be the rebels' first major advance in months since the cease fire on Sept. 5th. Read More >>