Man Accused of Using Drone to Airdrop Explosives Onto Ex-Girlfriend’s Property

Prosecutors have accused an autoworker of using a drone to drop bombs on his ex-girlfriend’s home in Washington Township, in the US state of Pennsylvania. Read More >>

It’s About to Get Much More Difficult to Fly DJI Drones Into Planes

Last year, when a Robinson R22 crashed outside of Charleston, South Carolina, the student pilot and instructor in the helicopter said they lost control of the aircraft as they tried to avoid a DJI Phantom quadcopter. The incident could have been one of the first drone-caused aircraft crashes in the U.S. Read More >>

Facebook Reportedly Worked on Project to Build Fleet of Bird-Sized Internet Drones

It turns out that Facebook’s onetime plan to build huge drones that would relay wireless networks to parts of the world without widespread access to high-speed internet, Project Aquila, isn’t the only odd method the company has explored in its quest towards world e-domination. According to a recent report in Business Insider (paywalled), Facebook worked on a since-cancelled project titled “Catalina” that would use much smaller drones to help boost wireless speeds. Read More >>

Venezuelan Officials Allege Attempted Drone Assassination on President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuelan government officials say that two explosions at a military assemblage in Caracas on Saturday was in fact an attempt on President Nicolas Maduro’s life using bomb-carrying drones – and though the exact nature of just what happened is still being disputed, the idea that it indeed involved bomb drones isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. Read More >>

MQ-9B Drone Is First ‘Civilian-Registered’ Remotely Piloted Aircraft to Cross Atlantic

The first “civilian-registered” remotely piloted drone to ever make a flight across the Atlantic landed at 6:43pm in RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire last Wednesday after taking off from Grand Forks in the US state of North Dakota last Tuesday, the BBC reported, after travelling nearly 3,800 miles. Read More >>

Hey, Maybe Don’t Fly Drones Where Firefighters Are Trying to Save Lives

It’s understandable that UAV enthusiasts might be tempted to grab amazing footage of ongoing disasters like the northern California wildfires—providing a unique perspective of a climate change-fuelled catastrophe which has now killed at least 41 people, burned down thousands of buildings and laid waste to hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Read More >>

DJI’s Phantom 4 Is Blazingly Fast and (Almost) Crash-Proof

The world’s biggest drone maker is back with its smartest compact quadcopter yet: The Phantom 4 automatically dodges obstacles, takes amazing video, and makes you look like a drone pro—even if you’ve never touched one before. Read More >>

DJI Releases its Own Version of Apple Care Because Drones Constantly Crash

Everyone’s buying drones nowadays. They’re also crashing them – frequently. So the world’s biggest drone company has revealed a (pricey) protection plan that covers the next time your (already pricey) drone takes a spill. Read More >>

Holy Hell, the US Military Made the Fastest Quadcopter I’ve Ever Seen

DARPA, the Pentagon’s research division, just revealed a speed demon quadcopter that flies 45 miles an hour. It’s like a cheetah drone. I can’t stop watching glorious footage of this glorious thing in action. Read More >>

There’s No Escape From These Drones That Track Your Trails in the Woods

Swiss researchers have come up with AI that lets small quadcopters automatically identify and follow man-made trails in forests. They say it’s to help in search-and-rescue, but it also sounds like nanny state drones that could one day hunt me down in the woods as I dodge search lights on my scramble toward sweet freedom. Read More >>

The Drone Racing League Sounds Infinitely Better Than Formula 1

“My gaaahd, look at the dayyum thangs goooo!” You can almost hear the over-the-top commentary already. The Drone Racing League is a real thing, and it kicks off in Miami next month. Already trembling with excitement? There’s more. Read More >>

MIT Researchers Have Created Drones as Nimble as Pesky Flies

Amazon’s Paul Misener this week compared the company’s upcoming delivery drones to horses, saying they’d be able to automatically detect and avoid obstacles. It’s an impressive-sounding claim, but means sod-all without some sort of demonstration to back things up. Fortunately, the MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has released footage of drones doing exactly the kinds of things Misener appears to have been describing. Read More >>

Drone Pilots Will Start Getting Awards But Don’t Call Them Medals Quite Yet

Just as American soldiers can be awarded the Silver Star, the third-highest valour awarded to members of the US armed forces, some have long argued that remote operators of drones should be eligible for war medals as well. New reports indicate they might not be getting medals per se, but they will be getting some kind of award. Read More >>

Twitter’s Working on a ‘Democratic Drone’ to Take Users’ Selfies

It’s a little unexpected, but Twitter’s reportedly been granted a patent for an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which will apparently be used for one sole purpose: selfies. It’s believed that Twitter’s working on a camera-equipped drone -- yes, I’m calling it a drone -- capable of capturing pictures and videos, and sharing them on the micro-blogging site. Read More >>

This Football-Sized Flying Robot Hovers Around Town to Do Your Bidding

This cute, safe, hovering robot that looks like a flying marshmallow is going to reinvent drone design, its creators say. Read More >>