NHS Staff Offered Free Ubers for Christmas

Here's a FEELGOOD Christmas story involving two of the most commonplace things in the UK – Uber and the NHS. Because our public transport system tends to close down for Christmas, NHS staff can be left stuck for a way to get in to work, as the sick don't all magically heal themselves and politely check out on Christmas Eve. Hence some workers employed by the NHS are about to enjoy the luxury of taking Uber rides for free on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, making it easier for them to get to their hospitals and clinics of work during bus/train lockdown. Read More >>

Uber May Be Eyeing an E-Scooter Aquisition of Bird or Lime: Report

The leading ride-share company may be eyeing an acquisition of one of two leaders in electric scooter rentals, according to a new report from the Information. In what the report said could amount to a “multibillion-dollar deal,” Uber has reportedly launched discussions to buy either Bird or Lime. Read More >>

Uber Fined £385,000 by UK Watchdog for Letting Itself Get Hacked

The Information Commissioner's Office is about to rake in and distribute a nice £385,000 from loss-making ride-hailing business Uber, as punishment for the data protection failings that led to its UK driver and customer data being hacked in 2016. Read More >>

Uber Releases a List of 21 Types of Sexual Misconduct Reported by Riders and Drivers

It’s a ritual among women: Call an Uber (or Lyft, or another rideshare app), get home, and immediately text your besties to let them know you’re not dead in a ditch somewhere. That’s due in large part to the numerous horror stories you see in the news where women are sexually harassed or worse while taking a car home. (Seriously, so many stories.) So what’s Uber doing about it? This week, it put out a list of 21 categories defining sexual misconduct and harassment, with the promise of a full report sometime in 2019. Read More >>

Uber Is Planning to Resume Its Self-Driving Car Programme in the US

Uber is planning to put its self-driving car technology back on the streets in Pennsylvania after it suspended the programme earlier this year. The ride-sharing company ceased operations of the programme in several cities following a fatal crash in which one of its cars was involved in Tempe, Arizona in March. Read More >>

Uber Made Some Shoes Too

Last week we brought you news that Transport for London had revealed some Underground-themed trainers that come with a bunch of Oyster credit to use on London's many kinds of public transport. Today we bring you news that Uber has done the exact same thing, except they're more expensive and look a lot more uncomfortable. Read More >>

Uber Pledges £200m of Your Money to Clean Up London’s Air

Uber has unveiled plans to charge customers a new 'clean air fee' for every mile they travel, which will be used to fund cleaner cars for drivers. Read More >>

autonomous vehicles
Addison Lee Cars Will Drive Themselves by 2021

Taxi firm Addison Lee has announced that it'll have autonomous cars ferrying people around London by 2021. Read More >>

Uber is Launching New Safety Features in the UK and 22 Other European Countries

People have been critical of Uber for a great many things over the years, but one of the most concerning was the company's seemingly lax attitude to safety in the past. It's one of the things that led to Transport for London refusing to renew the company's operating licence. Things have changed since, which is good, and now Uber has announced a string of new safety features are coming to various European cities - including 40 locations in the UK. Read More >>

Uber Eats is Launching 400 ‘Virtual Restaurants’ in the UK

The next restaurant you order from on Uber Eats might not technically exist. Read More >>

Uber Eats Offers Free Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with Fish & Chips

In a special offer that could only happen in the UK, Uber Eats is offering free download codes for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with fish and chip dinners ordered from the app. In very specific places, anyway. Read More >>

Uber Drivers Are Going on a 24-Hour Strike Later Today

There are some issues with the way gig economy workers go about their jobs, mainly due to the fact big companies refuse to accept that they're actual employees. Being classified as 'self employed contractors' means they don't get the same rights and benefits as others, including things like minimum wage, sick pay, holiday pay, and so on. There's been a lot of fuss about changing the rules to protect these people, but clearly British Uber drivers have had enough. They're staging a 24-hour strike, starting at 1pm today. Read More >>

Payouts to Rideshare Drivers Have Shrunk By Half, Study Finds

Earnings for gig economy workers in the transportation sector—think drivers for Uber— plummeted by 53 per cent in the US, according to research from the JPMorgan Chase Institute. Read More >>

Uber to Pay Record £113 Million Fine for Concealing 2016 Data Breach

Uber will pay a $148 million (£113 million) fine as part of a settlement reached with state law enforcement officials over allegations it attempted to conceal a 2016 data breach affecting millions of its users, the company said. Read More >>

This Bizarre Taxi of the Future Was Supposed to Fit So Many People

Futuristic headlines here in the year 2018 might make you ask “why?” But back in the 1950s, illustrators were asking “why not?” And perhaps nothing demonstrates that thinking better than this comic strip from 1958 by Arthur Radebaugh. Read More >>