Uber To Teach Drivers How To Make More Money

Uber's been talking to drivers, and today announced a series of new initiatives to address the feedback they got. They include a way to cash out the money you've made early, discounted ISAs and lessons on how to make the most money with your time. Read More >>

Uber Has a Murder Problem

The popular livery and union-busting service Uber is catching heat in Brazil because its drivers keep getting robbed and murdered. This isn’t the first time that the company has struggled with murder in its ranks. But holy shit, a recent report has some horrifying new details. Read More >>

UberEats Arrives in Second UK City: Manchester

UberEats, the cab app's answer to Deliveroo, has arrived in Manchester - its second UK city after London, and its third global city called Manchester (it's already in Manchesters New Hampshire and Connecticut). Read More >>

Flying Cars Are Still Just Two Years Away, Now Brought to You by Uber™

Are flying cars just “one to three years” away? Probably not. But that’s the claim being made today by Uber’s latest hire—a man who promises that flying cars are just around the corner. Just two more years, guys! Read More >>

96 Companies Just Told Trump Where He Can Shove His Muslim Ban

Last night, 96 companies filed a legal briefing that objects to President Trump’s Muslim ban. But they’re not just doing it because it’s the right thing to do. The filing makes it clear that Trump is disrupting business. Read More >>

90% of Government Admins Could Be Replaced With Chatbots, Says Thinktank

In a damning indictment of the skills of Whitehall administrators, right-wing thinktank Reform says almost all of them could be replaced with AI chatbots. Read More >>

UberEATS Now Brings Posh Bread to Londoners for Breakfast

The UberEATS spinoff that brings food to people with high disposable incomes in a few cities around the world has a new thing for London -- breakfast. Breakfast is a new meal designed by scientists to stop you being so hungry at lunchtime, they say, and could be the next revolution in eating. Read More >>

Uber’s CEO Praises the ‘Magic of America’ in Toothless Statement on Immigration Ban

Being part of Trump’s economic advisory team and the head of an international Silicon Valley company has Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick in a bit of a pickle. His official statement regarding the president’s immigration ban takes virtually no position, aside from that America is great. Read More >>

Uber Rivals Keep Jobs But Earn Less

Researchers looking at Uber's disruption of the taxi industry have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it's created more driving jobs and hasn't led to mass redundancies among its existing rivals, but the bad news is that drivers from competing firms are now earning less than they used to. Read More >>

Uber Says a Government Subsidy Would be Nice

Uber has at last hit upon a way of maybe becoming profitable at some point in the future -- government subsidies. Read More >>

Uber Gives Drivers Free Language Training In Battle With TfL

In the escalating turf war between Transport for London and taxi rivals Uber, the on-demand ride app has announced it's giving its drivers a free English language course. This is in response to TfL's declaration that all drivers from non-English-speaking countries had to pass a £200 exam to prove their competency - a decision that's been in and out of court over the last few months. Read More >>

Uber Cashes In On Tube Strike Misery With Eye-Watering Surge Fares

The only thing worse than a tube strike in London is having to listen to people complain about one. The tube strike bingo card includes berating the unions, lashing out at TfL, finding fault with fellow passengers and - inevitably - griping about Uber surge charges. Read More >>

Refusing to Hit Brakes, Uber Moves Its Self-Driving Taxi Programme to Arizona

The day after the California DMV revoked Uber’s registration for its 16-car self-driving pilot programme, the ride-hailing giant announced it’s packing up and moving to Arizona to start-up a near-identical programme. In a statement to Venturebeat, a spokesperson said: Read More >>

Uber’s Latest Update Is Even Creepier Than Its Last One

Yesterday, Uber finally rolled out several features it announced back in November. Instead of helping the app’s reputation for creepery, however, Uber somehow managed to make it worse. Travis, you jokester! Read More >>

Uber Pulls Plug on Self-Driving Cabs After California Revokes Registrations

Last week, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles told Uber it “must cease” operating its fleet of semi-autonomous cars in San Francisco, threatening unspecified consequences if it failed to do so. Uber continued the pilot programme in defiance of the warning, but today the state finally made good on its threat. Read More >>