Uber, Down £11 Billion Since Friday, May Drop Even Further

Outpacing the New York Stock Exchange’s losses on another rocky day of trading, Uber’s disappointing IPO is becoming disastrous, falling an additional 10.8 per cent in its second day as a public company. Read More >>

New Research Confirms That Ride-Hailing Companies Are Causing a Tonne of Traffic Congestion

A study published last week in Science Advances comparing pre- and post-rideshare boom traffic in the US city of San Francisco found that the presence of Uber, Lyft, and similar companies has been an overall detriment for people who like getting where they’re going quickly. Read More >>

Congratulations to Uber, the Worst Performing Initial Public Offering in U.S. Stock Market History

Rideshare unicorn Uber doesn’t do anything small. When it was in the game of raising money, it raised close to £19.2 billion. When it loses that money – and it does every single quarter – it loses it at astronomical burn rates. It finally debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, in the middle of international trade uncertainty and following a massive, international strike by its own drivers, how’d it do? Read More >>

Why Uber Drivers Are Striking Around the World Today

We’re just days out from Uber making its multibillion-dollar move to the New York Stock Exchange and thousands of drivers from around the world are launching a series of strikes protests today in an effort to fight for better pay and better treatment. Read More >>

Drivers in Britain to Stage Massive Strike Coinciding With Uber’s Initial Public Offering

Rideshare drivers in Britain have plans to sign off the Uber app and spend their time protesting in four major metro areas. London, Nottingham, Glasgow, and Birmingham are set to be flooded by irate drivers. The message, coordinated around Uber’s plans to go public, is a clear rebuke of the company’s Initial Public Offering plan, which will make many employees wealthy overnight, but leave drivers in the same deteriorating conditions. Read More >>

Uber App Adds Live Public Transport Information for London

Uber is updating its app to include public transport information when accessed in London. The idea is that users can make the best choice of journey based on price and time. Read More >>

Just In Time For Its Big Initial Public Offering, Uber Loses £774 Million

Step right up, join the fun, the headline initial public offering of 2019 is about to take centre stage. Read More >>

Uber Launches New Safety Features as It’s Being Sued by Assault Victims

It’s one of those horrors that most men don’t think about but women regularly have to. Read More >>

Here’s What Could Sink Uber, According to Uber

Uber, the money-losing ridehailing platform which by its own admission claims it has “incurred significant losses since inception” and “may not achieve profitability,” has overcome a lot on the road to its initial public offering. Its entire business model however—which involves cost-cutting by arguably misclassifying the overwhelming majority of its workforce—is precarious, and any number of obstacles could easily send its soon-to-be-public stock on the same downward trajectory as its chief competitor. Read More >>

Uber Gobbles Up Middle East Competitor in £2.4 Billion Deal, Spreading Global Dominance

Finalising a long-rumoured deal, Uber announced on Tuesday that it would acquire its Dubai-based competitor Careem in a deal worth $3.1 billion (£2.4 billion). The acquisition arrives ahead of Uber’s initial public offering expected as soon as next month. Read More >>

Hundreds Turn Out to Picket Against Uber Amid 25-Hour Driver Strike

In an outpouring of long-simmering tensions between rideshare companies and drivers whose wages have been on the decline, hundreds affiliated or acting in solidarity with grassroots group Drivers United turned out on Monday to picket an Uber Greenlight hub in Redondo Beach in the US state of California. Read More >>

Uber May Sign £2.4 Billion Deal to Buy Middle Eastern Rival Careem as Soon as Today

In a move that goes against its recent trend of pulling out of foreign markets, ride-sharing giant Uber is preparing to purchase Dubai-based competitor Careem in a $3.1 billion (~£2.4 billion) deal, according to reports in Bloomberg and the Financial Times this weekend. Read More >>

Uber is Another £15 Million Poorer After Settling Driver Lawsuit

Uber is a company that dictates how a large number of car owners pick up passengers, where they take them, how they take them there, the condition of the vehicle those people get put in, and the pay they earn, but it does not consider those drivers to be its employees. Read More >>

Uber Not Criminally Liable in Fatal 2018 Self-Driving Car Accident, Arizona Prosecutor Finds

Ride-hailing Uber has been found not criminally liable in the death of 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg, who tragically became the first known pedestrian to be killed by a self-driving vehicle when she was struck by an Uber test SUV in Tempe, Arizona in March 2018. Read More >>

Lyft’s IPO Banks Big on Self-Driving Cars, But Not on Its E-Scooters

Lyft finally filed for an IPO on Friday, a long-expected move for the ride-sharing company that has been racing to beat its larger competitor Uber to the public-offering punch. Read More >>