Steam is About to Drop Official Support for Ubuntu

Valve is dropping official support for Ubuntu 19.10 and future releases for its mega-popular Steam video game distribution platform, per Engadget, as the upcoming version of the OS will eliminate updates to 32-bit x86 components. According to Valve developer Pierre-Loup Griffais, the company will “evaluate ways to minimise breakage for existing users,” though it will also be focusing on “a different distribution, currently TBD.” Read More >>

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How to Run Linux on a Chromebook

Chromebooks may have started life as very basic laptops that were useless without an internet connection, but they’ve become more powerful and more useful with each passing year. Now, not only is it possible to run Linux on your Chromebook, you can access the operating system through a browser window. Read More >>

Five Reasons to Install Linux on Your Laptop

You can choose something other than MacOS or Windows 10 when it comes to an operating system for your computer. If you’re prepared to be a little more adventurous, Linux has plenty of great features that will save you time and make working a little less dull. The best part is that Live Installations allow you to try out the software before you wipe your entire hard drive. Read More >>

Canonical’s Aquaris E4.5 is the World’s First Ubuntu Smartphone (Here’s How to Buy One)

Canonical is set to launch the world's first Ubuntu smartphone, the Aquaris E4.5, via a series of flash sales over the coming weeks. Read More >>

Ubuntu Just Put the Cloud in This Small, Orange Box

Ubuntu might not have a perfect track record with hardware, but why let that stop it! Now it's decided to put the cloud in a box. A bright orange box. Read More >>

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is Now Available

The latest version of Ubuntu—14.04 LTS or Trusty Tahr to its friends—is now available, with support for touchscreens and super hi-res displays. Go download it now free Read More >>

This £200 Solar Powered Ubuntu Laptop Lasts 10 Hours on 2 Hours of Sun

Working with a computer outdoors can often mean you're at the mercy of your battery, but not if you have this Sol laptop, which can run for 10 hours on a single solar charge. Read More >>

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Ubuntu Phones Will Arrive in October

According to the Wall Street Journal, Canonical is claiming that its new Ubuntu OS will be with developers by late February — ready for phones to launch in "two geographically large markets" this October. Read More >>

Ubuntu Mobile
Ubuntu Mobile Hands-Off: Stripped Down and Sleek

The world of mobile OSes is totally dominated by Android and iOS, but that hasn't kept Ubuntu from trying to sneak in. And finding a way into already dominated markets is kind of Ubuntu's strong suit. Read More >>

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Ubuntu Takes a Stab at the Smartphone-Desktop Combo

Motorola couldn't make it work with its Atrix, but apparently London-based Canonical thinks it can do better. You'll soon be able to get Ubuntu on a phone, which you can then dock and get a full Ubuntu desktop experience. I'll believe it when I see it. Read More >>

Do You Care About Ubuntu?

So we were just having a discussion about Linux and someone mentioned that nobody cares about Ubuntu. While that may be true for the vast majority of folks, I'm wondering if it's true of our readers. Please discuss. Read More >>

Why Does Dell’s Ubuntu-Powered XPS 13 Cost More Than Its Windows Equivalent?

Dell's Ubuntu-powered XPS 13, codenamed Project Sputnik, started life as an internal R&D project. Now it's grown up and is available to buy online in the US—but why does it cost more than a Windows equivalent? Read More >>

A Kiddy-Hacker’s Wet Dream — Anonymous Has Its Own OS

Anonymous has released its own operating system, full-to-the-brim with hacking tools. It’s based on Ubuntu, but would you trust an OS from a hacking group? Surely that’s just going to instantly turn you into a botnet drone? Read More >>

Ubuntu TV Could Be In Your Living Room This Year

The geekiest of the operating systems is branching out into entertainment. Ubuntu TV is the open-source answer to your living room set-up, and you could have a TV running the software by the end of the year. Read More >>