Astronomers Spot Unprecedented Flashes From Our Galaxy’s Black Hole

An attempt to prove Einstein’s hallmark theory of gravity revealed something even freakier: an unprecedented flash from the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Read More >>

There’s at Least One Robot Humanity Doesn’t Have to Fear

As robots get larger, smarter, faster, stronger, and more agile, there’s good reason for humanity to be a little worried about the day they eventually turn on us. Unless all robots end up like UCLA’s BALLU which is really nothing more than a pair of skinny robot legs attached to a helium balloon. Read More >>

The Nazis Kept a List of Powerful American Friends in Los Angeles, Including the Co-Founder of UCLA

In 1945, the FBI raided a warehouse in Los Angeles that was used for storage by the German Consulate. Among the files, they found a collection of 3x5-inch cards kept by the Nazi regime containing contact information for important people in LA. The cards included the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people in the entertainment industry, academia, and industry. And it serves as a terrifying reminder that the normalisation of the Nazis in the 1930s provided cover for some very powerful people in the US to be friendly with genocidal maniacs. Read More >>

Here’s a Glimpse at What the Hyperloop Might Actually be Like

What we know about the Hyperloop thus far can be summed up in a few exclamatory phrases: It’s visionary! It’s crazy! It’s impossible! But we haven’t really understood much about how Elon Musk’s totally tubular transportation system might actually work—until now. Read More >>

Discovery of DNA “Biological Clock” Could Get Us Closer to Immortality

The identification of the DNA markers associated with ageing has brought us one step closer to the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth. UCLA geneticist Steve Horvath just published details about the discovery, and says that this could actually lead to drugs that reverse the process of ageing. Read More >>

Want to Look Two-Inches Taller? Try Holding a Gun

A core tenet of the human "fight of flight" response begs the question, is this guy bigger than me? A recent study suggests that answer depends on if he's wielding or not. Turns out, our brains might give a subconscious size advantage to opponents if they're holding a weapon. Read More >>

This Smartphone Spoilage Sensor Knows if Your Meal Is Tainted

That burger you just ate may not have smelled suspect but if it harboured E. coli you could be in for a few days of food poisoning. A new phone-based imaging device could one day spot the gut-busting bugs before they make you sick. Read More >>

Drinking Doubles Your Lifespan and Makes You Impervious to Stress*

*Restrictions may apply. Someone get me my whiskey-drinking cap, I'm gonna live forever! Wait, whaddya mean it only works for worms?!?! Read More >>