“World’s Ugliest Dog” Crowned in California

This sad little collection of bones and teeth is Peanut, the new holder of the esteemed World's Ugliest Dog title. There's a grim tragedy behind his appearance, though, so he's actually cheating a bit. Read More >>

Apple’s Dumbest, Sloppiest iOS 7 Screwups, Collected in One Tumblr

So it's come to this. We knew iOS 7 had some dumb and frustrating imperfections, but hadn't scoured every bit of it for flaws in the small details that Apple used to nail. Well, some industrious design head has given Apple's new OS a proper fisking, and put all the screw-ups on a Tumblr. Read More >>

Is This Inductive Stand Worth Twice What an iPad Costs?

The convenience of being able to charge a device without having to hunt down a power cord is certainly appealing. But convenience isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you gaze upon Strut's new LaunchPort iPad charging system. Read More >>

Women Deliberately Upload Photos of Their Mates Looking Rough

Facebook is being used as a mild-mannered revenge portal by some women, with one in four ladies admitting to having used social sites to post unflattering photos of their ex-BFFs on purpose, to settle a score. Read More >>

Twenty Watches That Have Been Beaten With the Ugly Stick

As the shutters come down on Baselworld 2012, the biggest watch fair in the world, it's a time to reflect on the highs and the lows of the past week. Mainly the lows, because isn't that more fun for everyone? Except the manufacturers, natch. Read More >>

The Ugliest Sandals in the World Are Actually Based on Foot Science

Look how ugly these sandals are. They look like a radioactive gummy bear pooped on a milk crate. But these Sazzi sports sandals are actually biomimeticly designed to keep your feet safe from uneven terrain, if not deeply judgmental eyes. Read More >>