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Another Nail in the Coffin of the Most Obnoxious Thing About TVs

At an event in LA yesterday the UHD Alliance, who is behind the standards for UHD Blu-Rays, a group of studios, including Warner Bros, and the tv maker Vizio, announced a plan to make your TV stop looking like shit. A new Filmmaker mode will be available in TVs from Vizio starting in 2020 and this mode should eradicate that obnoxious soap opera effect. It will also do a better job of calibrating the color, brightness, and contrast of the screen so it looks more like what the filmmaker sees when they’re creating the movies and shows you watch. Read More >>

Turns Out People Like Watching Sports In 4K, Reports BBC

The BBC has announced that its trials of 4K quality sports matches were "a hit with audiences," surprising basically no one. Read More >>

4K Vision: Inside The BBC’s Journey To Making TV In Ultra-HD

Over the summer, you might have spotted that the BBC has been quietly dipping its toe into Ultra-HD (UHD) waters. Following the successful iPlayer debut of Blue Planet II in UHD last Christmas, the corporation has more recently been offering the World Cup and Wimbledon’s Centre Court in UHD too - and according to recently released figures these events together totally 1.6m requests for UHD live streams on iPlayer. Read More >>

Formula 1
Sky’s Showing All Formula 1 Races In 4K Ultra HD

Good news for F1 fans with good TVs: Sky has just announced it'll be showing all races this year in Ultra HD, aka 4K, on Sky Q. Read More >>

This 4K Webcam Will Show Your Every Flaw to Your Fans

Webcams aren’t quite the must have accessory they were in 2010. Now every laptop and tablet has a camera on the front, ready and willing to broadcast your multitude of chins out onto the internets. But the webcam fattening the bezel of your laptop has some pretty severe limitations, ranging from lack of flexibility to quality. If you’re a serious streamer, or addicted to Skype, you’ll need something more. Logitech thinks it’s made that something. Read More >>

PS4 Pro Is the Most Powerful Console Ever Built, But You Might Not Notice

There’s a moment playing Infamous First Light, as the heroine made of light climbs up a wall in pitch black darkness, that I fully appreciate the hype around the PS4 Pro. The woman is a multicoloured bundle of light particles and thanks to HDR, I can make out each particle and note the way they each cast their own vibrant glow on on the red brick wall. Normally, she’d be a big blob of light, but high dynamic range gives you details in moments of extreme brightness and extreme darkness. I’m watching the next big step in video games, and it is extraordinary. Read More >>

Roku Premiere+ and Ultra are Better Than the Competition and a Third of the Price

Last month, Roku unleashed a whole slew of new set-top boxes meant to cater to every single person ever. There’s the box for people with old TVs (Roku Express+), the slightly different box for cheapskates (Roku Express), the boxes for regular joes (Roku Stick and Roku Premiere), and the coolest boxes — the two meant for people with a super expensive TV and a need to watch more than Netflix: the Roku Premiere+ and more expensive, but fully featured Roku Ultra. Read More >>

Roku Has Five New Boxes to Serve Every Possible TV-Watching Human

Earlier this year Roku announced a single new product, an excellent stick that was, for the most part, the only set-top box the average person would ever need. Now Roku is back with five new boxes meant to fill every possible user niche — from the person that still has a tube TV from 1995 to the person with a future-proof UHD set. Read More >>

Xbox One S Review: What the Xbox One Should Have Been

There were very few complaints when the original Xbox One was announced, despite it failing to handle 4K. In 2013 nobody really cared about HD’s successor. Not unless they’d spent thousands on one of the few 4K TV sets available at the time. Yes, the best consoles have a habit of being future-proof (see the PS2 playing DVDs and the PS3 playing Blu-ray), but in 2013, 4K seemed too far in the future for anyone to care. Read More >>

Samsung’s Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Now on Sale in the UK

Samsung's got a new box for the shop shelves and that nice little wooden unit you've got your telly on -- the UBD-K8500. Read More >>

Sky Q, HDR, 4K, Streaming: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Own a TV

Video is everywhere. All the time. Playing. On. Now. In your phone, on your laptop, in fancy battery-powered greeting cards and on distracting motorway signage. What once was the reserve of the living room is now truly ubiquitous – that iconic, once-futuristic Blade Runner scene of the 100ft multi-screen geisha has not only become a reality, it's been surpassed in ways director Ridley Scott could never have dreamed of. Read More >>

ces 2016
Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

Today, Samsung’s showing off its newest line of SUHD TVs, which if you can believe it, are outrageously beautiful. They’ve got some performance improvements and new blah blah connectivity features, but really what’s most striking is the way that Samsung’s creeping towards that platonic ideal of a bezel-less design: A television whose picture is hanging there in the air without any frame around it at all. Read More >>

ces 2016
Pretend LG’s 98-Inch 8K Super UHD TV Doesn’t Exist if You Ever Want to be Content With Your Telly

There's something a bit sickening about the timing of the CES trade show. One of, if not the biggest TV tech showcase in the world, it comes right after the busiest TV buying period of the year, Christmas. So if you were saving the pennies before buying that big flagship 4K TV for the yuletide break, you might want to look away now – LG's monstrous new set will only bring you pain. Read More >>

The New Amazon Fire TV Does 4K and Voice Commands For Just £80

“We decided not to mess with what’s working,” says Amazon devices VP Peter Larsen. That’s why his new Fire TV looks exactly the same. But inside this tiny box, you’ll find components powerful enough to stream 4K movies. It’s one more impulse buy from the kings of online shopping. Read More >>