julian assange
Julian Assange Lawyers to Argue Trump’s New Intel Chief Sought Shady Extradition Deal

Defence lawyers for Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder facing possible extradition to the U.S. from the UK on 18 charges related to his leaks of U.S. military and security secrets, plan to argue they have evidence new acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell abused his power to interfere in the case on behalf of Donald Trump, Politico reported on Monday. Read More >>

‘It Was an Almighty Boom’: Car Explosion Chalked Up to Excessive Air Freshener Use

Let this serve as a lesson for those who mask the smell of smoke in their car with an exorbitant amount of air freshener spray. Read More >>

Uber Loses Operating License in London (Again) Over Safety and Security Issues

Uber has lost its operating license in London yet again. According to Transport for London (TfL), the company has shown a “pattern of failures,” including “several breaches that placed passengers and their safety at risk.” Uber says it will appeal the decision. Again. Read More >>

Battery Specialists Say the UK Needs a £1.5bn Gigafactory to Cope With Future EV Demand

A think-tank composed of people who really, really like batteries has said the UK needs to rapidly up its ability to produce the massive banks of cells needed by electric cars, and ought to find as much as £1.5bn to build a local equivalent of US carmaker Tesla's "Gigafactory" battery-only manufacturing facility. Read More >>

Drone Registration Scheme Promises to Get Your Lost Toy Back

Things have got real-cum-serious for the UK's fleet of drone owners today, as the Civil Aviation Authority has launched its Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme for the larger-than-250g flying devices with a demand that every drone owner or casual pilot complies by November 30. Read More >>

Facebook Says UK Political Candidates Can Lie Too

American politicians aren’t the only ones Facebook’s given free rein to lie in political ads on its platform. Per a CNN report, the company’s extending its widely panned policy across the pond as well, right in time for the UK’s general election. And here I thought I’d have to wait a whole year to see the fallout of massive false advertising campaigns. Read More >>

Report: UK and U.S. to Sign Treaty Forcing Platforms Like Facebook to Share Encrypted Chats With Police

The U.S. and UK governments are expected to sign a treaty in October that will force social media platforms based in either of the countries to “disclose encrypted messages from suspected terrorists, paedophiles and other serious criminals” to police in the other, according to The Times. Read More >>

Poll: Slightly Over Half of All Brits Want to Get Everyone Killed by Aliens, Probably

Slightly over half of people in the UK believe that if the Earth received communications from an extraterrestrial, then the human species should collectively act like huge dumbasses and respond, according to a University of Oxford poll cited by Sky News on Tuesday. Read More >>

Kylie Slayed Ed Sheeran at Glastonbury

Glastonbury won its highest-ever viewing numbers on the BBC this year, and it wasn't due to some fashionable band that's popular with the young people or that new drill music that's always in the newspapers; it was because of good, old fashioned Kylie Minogue. Read More >>

Legacy Broadcasters Ask For More Ad Breaks to Shore-Up Revenues

The UK's public service broadcasters have come up with a method of speeding their decline and seeing the nation's terrestrial masts switched off and turned into nesting sites for buzzards – they want permission to run more adverts during live and catch-up programming. Read More >>

Did Boris Johnson Ramble About Model Buses to Manipulate Google’s Search Results?

Boris Johnson might soon become the Prime Minister after Theresa May stepped down in disgrace following her failed attempts to exit the European Union. And that means Johnson has been giving lots of interviews lately, including one with TalkRadio, where Johnson rambled on about how he enjoys making model buses. It was.... weird. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Just Came Online off the Coast of Grimsby

The UK is quickly becoming the epicentre of the offshore wind industry. Point in case: On Monday, the first part of the world’s largest and furthest offshore wind farm came online. Read More >>

Amazon Rides in to Save the High Street it Previously Destroyed in Series 2, Episode 6

Amazon has seen an opportunity for growth in the UK, seeing as rents are cheap out there on the high street beneath decaying signs that say things like "Maplin" and "BHS," and is backing the opening of 10 pop-up shops to test the public's appetite for carrying their new stuff home with them like in the old days. Read More >>

Porn Regulators Powerless Against Horny British Teens

On Wednesday, the UK government announced that starting July 15, porn providers online would be required to roll out age verification systems on their websites, only allowing those 18 and older to access their content. But one should not underestimate the will of the horny—porn, uh, finds a way, and adult content providers have already figured out a workaround that even the regulatory body admits are effective. Read More >>

Facebook Is Paying The Daily Telegraph to Run Facebook-Friendly Sponsored Content

Facebook is paying British newspaper The Daily Telegraph to run a series of sponsored articles called “Being human in the information age” defending it against claims it is encouraging the spread of misinformation, aiding in the spread of hate speech, violating privacy, and generally ruining society in myriad other ways, Business Insider reported on Wednesday. Read More >>