UK Beaches Are Covered In Nurdles

Nearly three-quarters of UK beaches are bestrewn with nurdles, it turns out. Read More >>

UberEats Arrives in Second UK City: Manchester

UberEats, the cab app's answer to Deliveroo, has arrived in Manchester - its second UK city after London, and its third global city called Manchester (it's already in Manchesters New Hampshire and Connecticut). Read More >>

Stoke up Resentment with Nationalist Emoji

Three new emoji are coming to the next update of the Unicode database, and it's either great news or terrible news depending on your opinions of people who hang flags out of their upstairs windows whenever there's an international football tournament polluting the atmosphere. Read More >>

Autocomplete County Searches Show No One Knows Where Anything is

A map based around what questions people have been asking Google of our English counties gives us a very accurate picture of the cluelessness of the general public, although it can at least teach us such amazing local facts such as "Lincolnshire is boring" and "Gloucester is a dump." Read More >>

BT and its Offshoots Top Quarterly Broadband Complaints Chart

The subscribers of BT, Plusnet and EE were the angriest broadband users of the last quarter, as Ofcom data reveals that the three ISPs -- BT and the two also owned by BT -- generated the most complaints. Read More >>

The Crying Face Was 2016’s Most Popular Emoji [Crying Face]

Virtual keyboard company Swiftkey has been data mining with or without the consent of its users, and has revealed the most commonly used emoji of 2016 -- and broken it down by UK cities to boot. Read More >>

Social Media Hate Map Pinpoints the UK’s Angriest Towns

A charity concerned with online bullying and general hate speak has ironically slagged off a few UK towns and regions, claiming that Northamptonshire is the place that sees the most online misogyny. Congratulations! Or maybe not. Read More >>

Global Warming Might Make the UK Better at Producing Wine

The UK's wine makers might be about to enjoy a few decades of global dominance, thanks to research that suggests climate change and the warmer, wetter weather we can expect to see, could turn parts of the UK into mini-Frances perfect for growing the classic old types of grapes. Read More >>

Fake Olympians Gatecrash Rio 2016 Heroes’ Welcome Float

Two men wearing tracksuits and biting their "gold" medals made it into the background of Sky News's coverage of the Olympic parade, before they were rumbled as frauds who had dressed up as proud Olympians and enjoyed a celebratory bus ride around Manchester for a laugh. Read More >>

Behind London’s Wall of Steel: Designing the Thames Barrier

The large, stainless steel ‘hoods’ on each pier of the Thames barrier are what make this London landmark so instantly recognisable to both tourists and locals alike. But while people may find it easy to recognise, they might not necessarily understand how it works. Read More >>

Hinkley Point C is 100 Per Cent GO

We're definitely going to get a new nuclear power station, despite what some people say about wind turbines and solar panels maybe being enough to keep the smartbulbs of the future on and connected to the Wi-Fi. The government has stamped through the final approvals needed to get the French and the Chinese in to show us how it's done and build Hinkley Point C. Read More >>

Wales Prepares to Go it Alone on Taxes for the First Time in 800 Years

The Welsh Assembly is making its poor members read a 220-page document all about property tax, as Welsh authorities push ahead with a plan to ditch stamp duty on property sales and replace it with a new tax. A tax that'll stay in Wales and become part of their budget to do with as they please. Read More >>

Today’s the Day the iPlayer Loophole Closes

Just a quick reminder: today's the day the iPlayer loophole closes. That means you now need a TV licence if you want to keep watching BBC content via iPlayer, even if it's not live. Read More >>

Cornish Drone in “Near Miss” With Commercial Flight Outside Newquay Airport

Someone -- we will assume an unmarried man in his late 30s or early 40s with thinning hair until told otherwise -- nearly crashed his drone into a passenger flight coming out of Cornwall's Newquay airport. The police are after him as we're yet to know conclusively one way or another if a drone going into an engine would make the plane crash or not, and no one's that keen to find out. Read More >>

Activists Fill London Byron Burger Restaurant With Thousands of Creepy Crawlies

“8000 locust, 2000 crickets, 4000 cockroaches. See you tomorrow night,” was the text Huck Magazine writer Michael Segalov received hours before activists unleashed those exact breeds and quantities of insects inside a Byron burger location in London. The bugs came from activists upset by some recent anti-immigration activities at the chain and their vengeance was swift. Read More >>