UKTV Partners With BT To Offer Better On-Demand Services, And In HD

If you're a BT customer, you'll soon be able to enjoy a better catch-up service of UKTV channels. The telecoms company has just announced a new long-term deal with the UK broadcaster that will allow customers to receive more content on demand, as well as offering some of these in HD for the first time. Read More >>

Dave, Gold, and Other UKTV Channels Have Returned to Virgin Media

It's not even been a month since Virgin Media announced that all the UKTV channels, including the likes of Dave and Gold, would be leaving the service as a result of stalled negotiations. Virgin wasn't happy with "inflated fees" and the fact it couldn't show UKTV programming on-demand. It claimed the BBC holds back the rights so it can sell them off to third party streaming services. Now it's been announced those channels have returned to Virgin packages. Read More >>

Virgin Media Viewers Revert to Coat Hanger Aerials to Watch TV

Freeview is a bit more popular now than it was until very recently, according to Freeview, which thinks that the collapse in the relationship between UKTV and Virgin Media is leading to more people investigating the legacy TV viewing method of doing it for free, terrestrially, via some old aerial that's been lying dormant in the loft for a couple of decades. Read More >>

Virgin Media Customers Are Losing Access to All 10 UKTV Channels

If there's one thing people can usually rely on, it's that the Dave channel will be around to broadcast old episodes of Top GearRed Dwarf, and other programming you probably saw on the BBC years ago but decided to watch again because you were bored. It's even available on Freeview, so there's always something going on. Unfortunately rights issues mean anyone who pays for a Virgin Media TV package may lose access to Dave and the other UKTV channels. Read More >>

Red Dwarf Could Return as a Live Stage Show

Things are very much alive in the Red Dwarf universe at the moment, with the show's co-creator revealing that he's planning for series 13 and 14 of the show, and that there's the off chance that the team might reassemble in public for a series of live stage shows. Read More >>

Virgin Media Doubles On-Demand Content With Expanded UKTV Deal

UKTV -- the broadcaster behind that group of ever-reliable channels you tune into when you've eaten too much and nothing’s on, like Dave, W, Gold, Eden and Alibi -- has announced a new deal that will see Virgin Media customers gain access to over 10,000 hours of catch-up and box set content. Read More >>

This Life-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Was Made With 500 Bars of Chocolate

Telly channel Drama made a life-size chocolate model of Benedict Cumberbatch to celebrate its launch on UKTV's on demand service. Chocolate Cumberbatch weighs 40 kilos and was made using 500 bars of Belgian chocolate. The likeness is truly impressive. Read More >>

What the Hell Is a Giant Colin Firth Doing in the Serpentine?

As advertising stunts go, this is both weird and intriguing. To celebrate the launch of UKTV's new Drama TV channel, it decided to stick a 12-foot-tall Colin Firth look-a-like in the Serpentine. Bizarre doesn't quite cover it. Read More >>