Formula 1
Sky’s Showing All Formula 1 Races In 4K Ultra HD

Good news for F1 fans with good TVs: Sky has just announced it'll be showing all races this year in Ultra HD, aka 4K, on Sky Q. Read More >>

The Most Technically Advanced Drone Footage Ever Looks Pretty Stunning

Drones are great for filmmaking—unless you want footage that looks better than film. The best cinema-grade cameras are basically just too damn heavy to fly. The Phantom Flex4k high-speed digital camera, for instance, weighs almost seven kilos. But that didn’t stop the drone hackers at Brain Farm from taking it airborne. Read More >>

Vimeo Launches 4K Support for Pro Members

From today, subscribers to Vimeo's Pro service will now be able to offer 4K downloads of their videos. 4K streaming is "in the works", according to Vimeo, but there are no concrete plans to launch that option at this time. Read More >>

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This 4K New Zealand Timelapse Transports You to Lord of the Rings Land

Super-sharp 4k video, in the right hands, is powerful technology. Witness the grandeur of New Zealand's dreamlike landscapes, brought straight to you by Martin Heck. Read More >>

Sony FMP-X5 Media Player Streams 4K Netflix (So, Just House of Cards, Then)

Sony's latest angular black box is designed for owners of older Bravia TV sets who want to upgrade their home cinema bullet-points to feature 4K streaming, bringing an HEVC decoder to owners of the 2012 and 2013 KD-84X9005, KD-65X9005A and KD-55X9005A model TVs. Read More >>

Netflix Is Doing Streaming Tests With 4K Video

Everything from ads to porn is getting the 4K treatment lately, and now Netflix is experimenting with it too. This week the company posted six 4K videos at various frames per second rates to test their streaming performance. They're all standard Netflix stock footage called "El Fuente." Read More >>

4k Porn Is Here and Shows You Every. Single. Detail. (NSFW)

Scream overkill all you want. The fact of the matter is that, whether you like it or not, hyper realistic, ultra definition, get-as-close-to-being-in-the-action-as-you-possibly-can 4K TV is here to stay. So it's no wonder that, just like everything else in life, it's already being used for porn. Read More >>

LG Bringing its 4K TV Power to the UK

LG's sent us a press release packed with capital letters, informing us that its ULTRA HD NANO FULL LED Tru-ULTRA HD IPS TV sets will be hitting the UK. That's 4K resolution packed into in 55-inch and 65-inch models, in normal, lower-case speak. Read More >>

This Compact Camera Captures Glorious 8K Ultra HD Footage

The shrinkification of technology is as inevitable as death and taxes, but we still can't help but be excited to see that Japan's NHK, working with a company called Astrodesign, has managed to shrink an 8K-capable camera into this relatively compact package. Compared to the HD-capable smartphone in your pocket it's monstrous, but when put next to existing Ultra HD cinema cameras (believe it or not) this is tiny. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Can do 4K Resolution if Developers Want it to

Just like the Xbox 360 gave people their first opportunity to see "content" delivered at 720p resolution, the Xbox One is opening the door to 4K displays. The new console is capable of outputting both 3D and 4K material, although it's unlikely any big-budget games will support it, what with the immense strain that sort of resolution would place on the hardware. Microsoft says the ultra-HD format will be used for "video and interface portions" initially. [Forbes] Read More >>

Seiki 50-Inch 4K TV Eyes-On: How the Hell Is a TV This Beautiful So Cheap?

Yesterday, Chinese OEM Seiki officially priced its 50-inch Ultra HD TV at under a grand, making it the cheapest 4K television in the history of the absurd resolution. Cheaper even, than the last round of super-cheap Chinese 4Ks we saw. The price is so cheap, and the brand-name is so unfamiliar, that you had to wonder if this television was a joke — or worse — a piece of garbage. I'm one of the first people in America to see this beast, and I'll tell you right now: I can't believe my eyes. Read More >>

What Is UltraHD?

Ultra HD is marketing-speak for 4K or 8K resolution TVs. And that's more or less it. You're going to be hearing the term a lot this show though — and throughout the year — so here's a little more information about what exactly that means. Read More >>

Sony KD-84X9005 4K Ultra HD TV
Want Free 4K Content? Just Fork Over £25,000 For the TV and You’re Set

Yes, that's right, buy yourself one of those beastly Sony 4K sets for the best part of £25k and you'll get access to exclusive, free 4K content direct from Sony through the 'world's first Ultra HD delivery solution'. Sounds like a veritable bargain to me, well, compared to that £600,000 152-incher anyway. [Sony via TechRadar] Read More >>

This Panasonic 152-Inch 4K Plasma Is What £600,000-Dreams Are Made of

OK, so you've just won the lottery. You've already bought yourself a £5 million pound mansion, plus a Bugatti Veyron to fill that garage, but what do you buy next? A colossal £600,000 152-inch ultra HD (4K) plasma TV for your massive living room wall, of course. Read More >>

4K Is Now Officially Called Ultra High Definition

Forget "4K", that's just confusing, err, just like 1080p. The new HD video standard has officially been branded Ultra HD, so expect manufacturers to start slapping UHD all over TVs in the near future. What I want to know is, what's 8K going to be called? Super Ultra HD? Turbo UHD? What about Super Hi-Vision? Because that's not confusing. [Cnet] Read More >>