Heat Stroke Is Making Me Desperately Want This Giant Motorised Umbrella for My Car

Spend too much time in extreme summer heat and you’ll find yourself doing strange things. A week ago the idea of a gigantic umbrella for my car would have seemed laughable, but after a weekend of climbing in and out of unbearably hot vehicles, the Lanmodo seems like it should be a standard feature on every car. Read More >>

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Flying, Hands-Free Umbrellas Just Might Be the Perfect Use For Drones

I’m impressed by the technological leaps and bounds that drones have made over the past few years, but until today, I haven’t had much interest in owning one. I have no need for aerial photography, and I’m happy to leave racing through psychedelic neon courses to the pros. But a hands-free umbrella that autonomously follows me through the rain? This is a technological breakthrough I can use. Read More >>

Lidl’s Backwards Umbrella Folds in on Itself

Forget all these apps we don't need and technical solutions to problems that don't even exist, here's something the country and world as a whole really needs — an entirely new kind of umbrella. Read More >>

This Umbrella’s Built-in Bluetooth is a Brolly Good Reminder to Stay Dry

There's a never-ending debate when it comes to buying umbrellas: do you spend a lot of money on an expensive one you'll probably end up losing, or do you buy a cheap model that will most certainly break in a light breeze? Davek wants you to go the former route, and is now upgrading its umbrellas with Bluetooth in the hopes that you'll never forget it again. Read More >>

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Why All These Ineffective Umbrellas Won’t Just Go Away Already

Winter has officially arrived, which means it's once again time to battle through streets clogged with legions of holiday shoppers wielding eye-poking, rain-dribbling umbrellas. But one man believes he has found the perfect solution to staying dry in the wet: fancy trousers. Read More >>

This Umbrella’s Sleeve is Always Hiding in its Handle

An umbrella isn't any more or less effective if you keep it wrapped in that thin fabric sleeve when not in use, but many of us just prefer it that way. It makes it easier to stash in a bag, and yes, there's a sense of panic and disorder when it goes missing. Thankfully, Nendo has ensured that will never happen again because the Cover-brella permanently stores that sleeve in the handle. Read More >>

A Clever Standing Umbrella Drips Dry on its Own Two Feet

Sometimes all the extra effort required to carry an umbrella and deal with the soaking wet mess afterwards almost makes it seem like you're better off just facing the rain unprotected. But by simply adding a small pair of feet to the handle, the clever designers at Nendo have managed to make wrangling an umbrella a little less annoying. Read More >>

“Invisible Umbrella” Uses Air to Create Anti-Rain Barrier

Chinese aeronautics design students were roped in to help create the Air Umbrella, a device that uses a fan to blow up a little air roof. Read More >>

This Lettuce Umbrella Should Count as a Serving of Veggies

If the thought of putting anything green in your mouth leaves you gagging, this adorable and remarkably life-like lettuce umbrella might help slowly acclimate you to accepting vegetables into your life. And it probably goes without saying that it will keep you dry as well. Read More >>

This Large Hadron Collider Umbrella Keeps You Dry With Science

As CERN's Large Hadron Collider attempts to discover unknown particles that could unravel the mysteries of our universe, this LHC-themed umbrella will help you deal with more common particles as they fall from a raincloud. Read More >>

An Umbrella Made of Cork to Plug Up the Rain

Totally sustainable, naturally impermeable, and protector of drinkables, cork is an incredible thing. But more than being functional, it's all the rage with the kids these days! And we can see why. This newly unveiled cork umbrella from Pelcor is lovely to look at but with the added, smug bonus of knowing your all-natural shield is renewable, too. Read More >>

Redesigned Umbrella Handle For Those Who Refuse To Stop Texting When It Rains

If you've ever tried to frustratingly juggle your phone and umbrella like some hapless idiot in an infomercial, you can rest assured there's at least one other person who's been in the same situation. But instead of grumbling about it, they went and created the Brolly: an umbrella with a redesigned handle that makes it easier to text in a downpour. Read More >>

Pack Some Heat With This Sweet Gunbrella

When you're on your way home from a long day of work and the sky opens up on you, sometimes you just want to shoot someone. With the Howdah Pistol umbrella, you can pull the trigger and not, you know, go to prison or something. Read More >>

Sensor-Filled Umbrella Turns Raindrops Into a Retro 8-Bit Soundtrack

Nintendo may have long since abandoned the Game Boy platform, but it hasn't stopped artists with a passion for retro 8-bit sounds from using it to still create music. Like Alice Zappe, whose love of Game Boy chiptunes also inspired her to create this umbrella that turns rain drops into bleeps and bloops. Read More >>

Stylish Sun Shade Is the Easiest Way To Harness Solar Power For Your Home

If you like the idea of getting free energy from the sun, but don't want to deal with the complications of installing a solar array on your roof, Umbrosa has created a lovely backyard sun shade that does double-duty—turning those rays into electricity. Read More >>