UA HOVR Machina Review: Ugly as Sin, but Good For Running

Last year I reviewed Under Armour’s HOVR Infinite shoes, which sync with your smartphone to offer running data from the built-in Bluetooth chip. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed working out in them. I expected the shoes to be more gimmick than substance, but the personalised gait-coaching actually helped me shave two minutes off my average mile time. They died a noble death after I ran more than 300 miles in them. So, as you might imagine, I had higher expectations for the latest addition to the HOVR lineup, the Machina. Read More >>

data breach
Under Armour Says Breach of MyFitnessPal Exposed Data From 150 Million Users

The Baltimore Sun reports that information exposed by the breach includes usernames and email addresses, as well as encrypted passwords. It’s unclear at this time how much, if any, users biometric data was also affected. Read More >>

3d printing
We Beat Up Under Armour’s New 3D Printed Shoe

It’s been 20 years since Under Armor changed the way football players wicked sweat out of their pits. Since then the company’s expanded to producing all kinds of apparel as well as shoes. To celebrate its 20th anniversary Under Armour is tackling a brand new market: 3D-printing. Read More >>

ces 2016
Hands On With HTC’s UA Band: Simple, Plain, And a Damn Good Fitness Tracker

When HTC announced the Grip last year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we were pretty underwhelmed by the Taiwanese company’s first fitness foray. In fact, we didn’t even know who the damn thing was for. HTC instead pumped the brakes on the Grip’s released and teamed up with Under Armour—It was a wise decision. Read More >>

The Incredible, Tactical Undergarments Designed for the Avengers Cast 

Ever consider what keeps Iron Man from overheating inside his suit? Or protects Captain America’s abs when he’s punched in the chest plate? We got an exclusive look at the specialised athletic undergarments the actors wear — which sounds pervy, until you hear about all the tech that went into making these things. Read More >>

Under Armour’s Clutchfit Shoes Conform to the Shape of Your Movement

Under Armour is about to release a new line of gear coated in a sheath of sturdy plastic, designed to provide support while also flexing with the shape of your movement. "Clutchfit" as the new tech is called, isn't aesthetics—it's science. Read More >>

How the Jacket Zipper Was Perfected After 100 Years

You might've heard about Under Armour's crazy new zipper that only requires one hand to zip. Though the futuristic magnetic clasp jigsaws nicely with the company's high-performance standards, the zipper originally had more humble origins: helping a sick man lead an easier life. Read More >>

Under Armour Will Debut the World’s Fastest Speedskating Suit In Sochi

As much as the Olympics are a test of humanity's physical capabilities, these days the events are also an opportunity for equipment makers to show off their latest technologies designed to enhance an athlete's performance. And it's fitting that Under Armour's new speedskating suit—which the company claims is the fastest in the world—is called the Mach 39, since it was developed with the help of Lockheed Martin. Read More >>

I Have Seen the Future and It’s a One-Handed Magnetic Zipper

Under Armour is making the bold claim that it's finally "fixed zippers." While its innovative new Magzip feature probably isn't going to change the entire world, it's still a vast improvement to clothing technology that hasn't evolved in in almost 100 years. It's also voodoo magic. Read More >>

Under Armour Teases Some Kind of “Performance Monitor”

Is it any surprise that another sportswear company is getting into the activity tracker game? Well, it shouldn't be. The latest, it appears, will be Under Armour when it launches what the company says will be a "first-of-its-kind performance monitoring system" on February 12 in New York. Don't worry, the message didn't really self-destruct but I will say it's probably one of the best press kits I've ever received. Read More >>