Yorkshiremen Will Build London’s Next-Gen Tube Trains

London's long-running plan to upgrade part of the Underground fleet has taken a big step into actually happening, with Transport for London announcing that it's going ahead with the ordering of 94 all-new next-gen tube trains – to be built by Siemens in East Yorkshire. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Declares Driverless Tube Trains “Madness”

In a move that will no doubt make him very popular with the transport unions, Sadiq Khan has spoken out against the idea of driverless trains on the London Underground. Apparently that idea is "madness". Read More >>

London Underground Announcements are to go Gender Neutral

Announcements on the London Underground are about to get a bit more vague, with staff told to ditch the "ladies and gentleman" phrase when addressing travellers as some people, it turns out, are a bit of both. We know, we've seen the pornography. Read More >>

London Tube Accidents Reached New High Of 4,928 In 2016

TfL has reported that accidents on the London Underground are up 11% on 2015, with nearly 5000 reported incidents. The one bright spot is that customers seem to be falling into the gap less, with 282 people not heeding the words of the intercom - down from 293 in 2015. Read More >>

London Commute Map Shows How People Pay for Easier Rides to Work

Someone's mashed up the tube map again, this time adjusting its lines and stations to demonstrate the extra rent paid by people in exchange for living nearer the middle bit or on a more direct route. The results will make you laugh a bit if you live in Scotland or Wales. Read More >>

What’s Gone So Wrong With the Piccadilly Line?

Take a look at the Piccadilly line Twitter page, and you’ll see a depressing, seemingly endless stream of updates reporting delays, repairs and a shortage of trains. Scroll down (further, no further, keep going) and you’ll eventually come across this: Read More >>

Do You Know Your Marble Arch From Your Bromley-by-Bow?

A new app testing your knowledge of London tube stations has popped up on your mainstream app stores, promising to test your understanding -- or caring -- about London's Underground infrastructure. Read More >>

TfL Wants to Know Where and When You Connect to its Wi-Fi Network

Transport for London has worked out how to collect the sweet, sweet data advertisers are always gagging for without bringing the Underground to a literal standstill, and is set to kick off a Wi-Fi connection data-gathering trial next week. Read More >>

Code Two, Someone’s Done a Poo (on the London Underground)

Baffling coded announcements on transport systems often have us wondering what they really mean, and now we know. Lists have been compiled and, rather appropriately, a call out for someone to deal with a "code two" on the Underground means it's time for some unlucky cleaner to fetch the bucket and wipe someone's toilet off the platform, seats or stairs. Read More >>

Signal You’re a Clingy Over-sharing Weirdo With a “Tube Chat” Badge

London is recoiling in horror at the latest idea to try to get people on the Underground to be nice to each other, with attempts to get commuters to wear "Tube Chat" badges and signal they're up for a conversation going down about as well with the population as that time the Nazis flew in all those bombs. Read More >>

Circle and Hammersmith and City Line Staff to Strike Tonight and Tomorrow

The Night Tube may be here at last, but not all is well with the London Underground. Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union members are set to hold a 24-hour strike -- kicking off at 9.30pm tonight -- which will badly affect the Hammersmith and City and Circle lines tomorrow. Read More >>

1920s Tech Finally Cleaned Out in London Underground Refresh

A quite amazingly brave and tireless little signal box that should be the star of a series of books has finally retired, with the piece of kit inside Edgware Road station at last being allowed to have a rest and a sit down in a museum. Read More >>

London’s Northern Line Commuters are Most Likely to Soil the Seats

The Northern Line, which overseas readers may not realise links the south part of London with Manchester and Scotland, is the dirtiest and most disrespected of all London Underground links according to TfL. Read More >>

We Need to Make Sure the Super Sewer Won’t Destroy London, and Soon

The National Audit Office (NAO) has revealed that it still needs to work out whether or not the £4 billion super sewer that’s set to be built beneath London won’t actually, you know, flood the Underground transport network with shit and screw with the foundations of Elizabeth Tower. Read More >>

Explore the London Underground in Sound

The rhythmic throbbing of North Greenwich's trains could be this year's protest Christmas number one, were enough people to get behind it, as the captivating swooshing of trains, opening of doors and warnings of the destruction of unattended baggage is part of The Next Station -- an audio tour around the London Underground. Read More >>