Super-Sticky Gecko Feet Inspire Strapless Bra Design 

Ladies, don’t say physics never did anything for you. Your days of awkwardly pulling up your slipping strapless bra during a night on the town—thereby ruining the illusion of glamorous savor faire—may finally be over, thanks to the physics of tiny gecko feet. Read More >>

Victoria’s Secret Goes High-Tech With Heart-Rate Sensor Bra

This bra from expensive underwear specialist Victoria's Secret is the company's first tech-aware bit of sporting lingerie, coming with embedded electrodes for connection to any of today's legion of heart-rate tracking sensors. Read More >>

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Why Superheroes Wear Their Underwear on the Outside

While there have been many fantastical proposed origins of this seemingly odd modish style amongst comic artists ---my favorite of which being that most superheroes lost their parents at an early age, so they had no one to tell them underwear goes UNDER your clothes--- the true origin is pretty simple. Read More >>

You Can Buy Walt’s Tighty-Whities (and Other Props) From Breaking Bad

Upset that Breaking Bad is about to end? Feel like you're losing an abusive, meth-hocking friend? Everything's going to be ok—thanks to auction website ScreenBid, you can soon fill that empty space in your heart with "the most iconic tighty-whities in television." That's right, Walter White's underwear—along with a whole slew of other props from the show—will soon be up for sale. Read More >>

Uh, Durex Just Made Vibrating Underwear Controlled By Your iPhone

So, obviously this was going to happen eventually, but that doesn't mean we're ready for it. Durex announced what it's calling "Fundawear", which ostensibly stands for "fun underwear", but which Durex believes will eventually come to mean "article of clothing that is fun like once ever and until you realise what horror you've wreaked in your pants and never want to talk about it again." Read More >>

The Male Underwear of the Future Leaves So, So Many Questions Unanswered (NSFW)

Let's start with what we know. This is called a Flash Blue Side String (NSFW). It's made by a French undergarment company called Alter out of a "high elastic" content fabric. Here's what we don't know: Literally anything else that is going on here. Read More >>

This Sexy Underwear Won’t Get Ruined If You Pee on Them

Like the decidedly unsexy Depends underwear, Dear Kate underwear can hold lady liquid without getting ruined. The secret sauce is the thin wicking material that it's made of that can withstand three teaspoons. But unlike Depends, you won't be embarrassed when you strip to your skivvies. Read More >>

This Underwear Makes Man Butts Look Perfectly Tight

Like a Spanx for men, these Italian undies by D.HEDRAL uses "angle fit" technology to enhance your butt's roundness and make it appear perfectly taut and tight. Think of it like a Wonderbra but for men and for bums. Read More >>

How to Make Your Own Beef Briefs

The thing with edible panties is that if I'm going to have to eat something that's been girding my partner's loins for the last half hour, I don't want it to taste like a warm Fruit Roll-Up. I want to chow down on something meatily delicious—like this pair of Brief Jerky. Read More >>