Jodrell Bank Observatory Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Jodrell Bank Observatory, part of the University of Manchester and home of the massive Lovell Telescope and numerous others, has received UNESCO World Heritage Site status, the BBC reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Stupid Truck Driver Drove Right Over the Nazca Lines

There’s a 2,000-year-old archaeological mystery preserved in Southern Peru: enormous images carved into the desert by unknown ancient artists. The beautiful Nazca Lines depict birds, monkeys, and humans, and some of the creations span up to 1,200 feet. And now a man has driven over them with his truck. Read More >>

Italy Wants the United Nations to Recognise Its Pizza as a Protected Landmark

Along with the Pyramids in Giza and the Colosseum, Italy has asked the United Nations to add another item to its list of protected landmarks: Pizza. Read More >>