We’re Getting a DNA Emoji—but It’s Twisted the Wrong Way

This month the Unicode Consortium, the strange and little-known organisation that decides which new emoji appear in our lives, announced some good news for science: Among the 157 new emoji being added to the emoji keyboard in 2018 is a DNA double helix. Read More >>

Unicode Knows Its New Skateboard Emoji Is Bad and Is Asking Tony Hawk for Help

Emoji 11.0 is fixed and prepped for delivery in June. Some of them look promising—useful even. But Anthony Hawk, long-time purveyor of fine video games, has taken umbrage with the Unicode Consortium’s depiction of his stock in trade. He’s also been given the opportunity to fix it. Read More >>

Here Are Some of the New Emoji, Ranked From Most to Least Useful During Sexting

Great news: On Wednesday, the Unicode Consortium released the final version of its 11.0 emoji set, with approximately 77 new emojis being added to the list. There’s a lot of new content, including a few new faces, various organs or body parts, animals, foodstuffs, and science equipment including petri dishes and lab coats. Read More >>

Fake Google Swaps Out “G” for “ɢ” to Trick Users

Here's something that will hopefully work in your browser -- ɢoogle.com. That weird little capital 'G' is a special character that's special enough to be encoded in URLs, meaning some poor people might be visiting the wrong Google and handing over all their weird internet sex search terms to blackmailers. Read More >>

With Just Three Keys, Keyboard Manages to Make Typing More Complicated

earning how to efficiently type on a QWERTY keyboard is tough enough for many of us, but one Reddit user decided to make the process even more complicated thanks to a three-button binary keyboard. Read More >>

Who Made the Rifle Emoji Disappear?

Unicode 9.0, which will be out June 21st, is one of the most highly anticipated releases in emoji history. Finally you will avail yourself of the need to type out the letters for avocado, bacon, selfie, face palm, and pregnant. But last month, one controversial emoji was removed from the lineup: Rifle. Read More >>

That Emoji Does Not Mean What You Think it Means

By now you probably know that the emoji you send on an iPhone might not be the emoji that is received on a Nexus. Since emoji are designed differently across platforms, sometimes your text messages might get lost in translation. But how differently might your well-intentioned emoji be displayed? The reality might surprise you. Read More >>

These New Emoji are Perfect for the Olympics

You know you’ve been worried about how you’re going to express yourself during fencing matches at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Worry not! The Unicode Consortium has you covered with 29 new emoji being considered for release in June 2016. Read More >>

Apple Created a New Emoji But Nobody Knows Why

The world demands an emoji for every occasion, but soon, lovers of eyeballs and speech bubbles will finally get their day. It appears that Apple is about to release a mysterious new emoji. That’s it above. Weird, huh? Read More >>

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How the Middle Finger Emoji Finally Got the Thumbs Up

“Screw you Apple, where the goddamn hell is my middle finger emoji?” can soon be conveyed in far fewer characters, thanks to the middle finger emoji that’s coming to your iPhone. But why did it take so long? Here’s how those middle fingers — and all emoji — make their way to your screens. Read More >>

Bacon, Selfie, and 36 Other Brand-New Emoji are on the Way

It has already been a great year for emoji. Apple recently began supporting a refresh of certain characters, including more racially and gender-diverse people as well as a few new emoji like an Apple Watch and a taco. Now a 💣🐚: 38 brand-new emoji are coming! Read More >>

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A Brief History of How Emoji Took Over Your Phone

Love 'em or hate 'em, emoji are an integral part of internet culture and they're only increasing in popularity. But despite their ubiquity, they're a relatively recent addition to the digital world—and this video explains their short but successful life so far. Read More >>

Here’s What all Those New Emoji Actually Look Like

On Tuesday we told you of the impending arrival of hundreds of new emoji. Now, the Unicode Consortium has published a chart which shows us what they'll actually look like. Read More >>