back to the drawing board
Norway’s Experimental Police Uniform Is Silly and Sort of Scary

A public backlash has emerged in Norway in response to a proposed police uniform that’s been compared to outfits worn by science fiction villains and totalitarian dictators. Read More >>

What Do You Think of the New TFL Uniform?

Yesterday we saw artist's impressions of what the The London Underground could look like in the future - here's a clue: it's blue! As if you didn't have enough TFL news to fill your quotient for this week, news has emerged that Transport For London is unveiling its first uniform update in over a decade. Yes, sir, the excitement never stops. Read More >>

Is Scotland’s Commonwealth Games Uniform Really That Bad?

That collection of fabrics there is the official uniform of the Scottish Commonwealth Games team, the outfit the athletes will be wearing when they take the walk out into the stadium for the first time. Is it a cutting-edge update of traditional wear, or a travesty of modern art that's gone too far? Read More >>

Taiwan’s New Special Forces Uniforms are Wearable Nightmare Fuel

Like the Samurai's mempo, the uniforms of many of today's Special Forces units play dual roles. Not only do they protect the wearer's face and conceal his identity, they terrify the pants off of the enemy. Take the newly unveiled uniforms of Taiwan's Special Forces for example. They look like something out of Army of Two. Read More >>

US Army’s Pixellated Camo Uniform Is a £3 Billion Failure

Whereas pixillation is usually very successful at obscuring images otherwise unfit to be seen, the US Army is £3 billion in the hole, with its pixellated camo uniform (introduced in 2004) being dubbed a colossal mistake. Read More >>

Do You Think This New Urban Camo Will Fool Anyone?

It goes without saying Western soldiers haven't seen a lot of jungle and woodland shooting these days. The arid climes of the Middle East—and their urban centers—have been warfare hotspots. So how about some crazy new urban camouflage? Read More >>