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U.S. Coronavirus Cases Now Highest in the World

The United States now leads the world in the number of confirmed cases of covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus now devastating the globe. Read More >>

U.S. Records Its First Death from Coronavirus

A man in his fifties in Washington state with underlying health problems became the first person in the U.S. to die after contracting the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. The patient, whose name was not revealed by officials, did not have a travel history and was admitted to a hospital near Seattle to receive treatment for severe respiratory illness. Read More >>

If Trump Wants His Racist Border Wall, He’ll Have to Start Taking Climate Change Seriously

Ha ha ha. Donald Trump’s impermeable wall ain’t so impermeable, after all. Not even these high walls of racist fury can withstand good ol’ Mother Nature: The Washington Post reported on Thursday that the U.S. president’s beloved border wall between the U.S. and Mexico would need to leave portions wide open every summer to prevent flash floods from knocking it over. Read More >>

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Pro-Trump Publisher Booted Off Facebook for Doing the Bad Thing

Facebook has put an end to the brainwashing of innocent Trump supporters who have been told to support Trump by a Chinese spiritual group. And thus, it puts a bow on 2019. Read More >>

‘Anonymised’ Location Data Leak Allows Reporters to Quickly Track Donald Trump’s Secret Service Detail

New York Times reporters working on an investigation into the sprawling location data business – in which the paper obtained a three-year-old file containing 50 billion location pings for over 12 million Americans – were able to track the movements of a member of Donald Trump’s Secret Service security detail. And thus, the Times reporters were able to track the movements of the President of the United States. Read More >>

Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook Execs Asked to Hand Over Private Emails in U.S. House of Representatives Antitrust Probe

United States House of Representatives lawmakers probing Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon for potential antitrust violations have requested the companies turn over internal records, including executives’ own communications. Read More >>

Why Is the United States Considered a Country But the European Union Isn’t?

The European Union isn’t a country. But you can jump between most countries in the EU without having to go through immigration, work between the countries in the EU without a visa, and use the same currency anywhere within the EU that isn't the UK. The countries that make up the EU are like the states that make up the US. And yet, the European Union isn’t considered a country while the United States definitely is. What’s up with that? Read More >>

Life Expectancy in the US Falls for the First Time in Decades

In 2015, 86,212 more Americans died than the year before. That means life expectancy in the United States is heading in the wrong direction—something that hasn’t happened since 1993. Read More >>

The US and China Have Officially Ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement

In what’s being seen as a huge step forward in the effort to curb climate-warming emissions, the United States and China have ratified the Paris global climate agreement. Other countries are now expected to follow suit. Read More >>

Mesmerising Animation Shows Which Countries Sent the Most Immigrants to the US Since 1820

Immigration is a hot topic in the United States right now, thanks in part to a rather blustery presidential candidate. But as this animated map created by Metrocosm reminds us, migrants have been a defining aspect of the U.S. for centuries. Read More >>

I’m Going to Kayak From Cuba to Florida

A couple of months ago a friend of mine approached me with something that sounded insane. Did I want to kayak from Cuba to Florida? I hadn’t paddled in a year, it was just a month away, and I’d just broken a rib. It was almost certainly a very, very stupid idea. So I said yes. Read More >>

Study Shows Most Serious Cyber Attacks are Coming From Inside the US

When we think about where hackers come from, China is probably the first country that comes to mind. Russia's maybe next in line. But a controlled experiment by cyber security researchers shows that the vast majority of attacks actually come from the United States. Read More >>

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Why is Alabama the Only US State With an Official Tipple?

The other week, Kelsey brightened your Friday afternoon with the tale of three cities that are each symbolised by a trademark booze: Chicago's Malört, NYC's iconic Manhattan cocktail, and London gin. Read More >>

The Time the US Invaded a Japanese Submarine Base… in Alaska?

An absolutely fascinating but little-known story—described as a "forgotten theatre" by the US Navy itself—is the tale of Kiska and Attu, Alaska: two remote Aleutian islands where the Japanese military established a submarine base during World War II. Read More >>

Mankind Has Created 128,000 Nukes—But 2 Per Cent Are a Mystery

A new report on nuclear proliferation is—surprise!—kind of terrifying, revealing some disconcerting facts about nuclear warheads, who has them, and what we don't know. The bottom line: holy hell, we've built a lot of these things. Read More >>