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Universal Studios Orlando Just Announced an ‘Epic’ 4th Theme Park Without Saying What’s in It

With Disney out here making Star Wars theme park attractions, the competition has to step it up. Universal Studios is doing that by building a fourth theme park in Orlando, Florida called Universal’s Epic Universe. But what exactly makes it “Epic,” we do not yet know. Read More >>

The New Jurassic World Ride Accentuates What’s Good About the New Movies

Like many of you, I was sceptical when news broke that Universal Studios Hollywood was re-theming one of its most iconic rides. Jurassic Park: The Ride, which opened in 1996, was becoming Jurassic World: The Ride. And, not being a particular fan of the new movies, this seemed like a bummer. However, I’m happy to report that the new ride is awesome and shines a light on what’s good about the newer films. Read More >>

The Upside Down of Stranger Things is Coming to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

When the Universal Studios theme parks transform into their annual Halloween Horror Nights events, fans get to visit their very own pop culture nightmares. The event is filled with mazes based on some of the coolest, scariest horror properties in the world—and this year, that trend will continue with a certain Netflix programme. Read More >>

Universal’s Shared Monster Movie Universe Has Been Put on Hold

Universal Studios had high hopes for its 2017 reboot of the Mummy franchise, with planned to use the movie as a launchpad for a sprawling, shared universe of monster movies starring characters like the Bride of Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. According to a new report, though, those plans have been on hold. Read More >>

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How the Best Rides at Universal Studios Work

Universal Studios is a bizarre theme park that welcomes over seven million people a year. Lately, the big draw is a sprawling replica of Harry Potter’s world, though it’s long been famous for making tourists feel like they’re characters in one of Universal’s many hit movies. The technology involved in these spectacles, however, has remained a mystery—until now. Read More >>

Live Your Hogwarts Fantasies With Universal Studios’ Interactive Wands

If you've refused to acknowledge a reality without magic and wizards after the Harry Potter books and films ended, Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida, will now let you further live out your fantasies with new interactive wands that bring many parts of the attraction to life. Read More >>

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Transformers: The Ride Will Melt Your Face in Three Dimensions

£26 million buys you a whole lot of roller coaster. Need an example? Just look at Universal Studio's newest 3D mega-attraction, Transformers: The Ride. Read More >>