The University of Arizona Tracked Students’ ID Card Swipes to Predict Who Would Drop Out

At the University of Arizona, researchers tracked the swipes of its freshman students’ ID cards to predict which students were most likely to drop out. The university sees this surveillance of student behaviour as a way to lower its dropout rate. Read More >>

The Future of Rechargeable Batteries Could Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Every 72L of petroleum we refine leaves behind 227g of sulfur byproduct — far more than we can even pretend to have use for. Luckily, some ingenious researchers at the University of Arizona, may have devised a solution that transforms the rancid yellow element into a new breed of battery. Read More >>

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How an Old Biosphere Project Could Help Build a Better Climate Model

We only have a fragmented understanding of the complex interactions that go on in the dirt as water flows past soil and microbes. To gain fresh insight into the hydrologic processes that make life on land possible, the University of Arizona has built a trio of massive, man-made hillside labs. Read More >>