Scientists Created a Display With Pixels a Million Times Smaller Than Those on a Smartphone

Smartphone makers might soon not have much to brag about when it comes to the number of pixels they can fit on a pocket-sized screen. Researchers at the University of Cambridge have come up with a way to create pixels that are a million times smaller than those used on even Apple’s Retina displays. But extreme pixel density is somehow the least interesting part of this breakthrough. Read More >>

The Other Cambridge Personality Test Has Its Own Database With Millions of Facebook Profiles

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock on Mars, you’ve likely heard about a little scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook. Cambridge Analytica got its hands on millions of people’s Facebook likes in 2014 by getting an academic, Aleksander Kogan, to design an app with a personality test that hoovered up data from the 250,000 or so Facebook users that took it, as well as from their millions of friends. Cambridge Analytica supposedly used all those likes combined with the magic of big data to put Donald Trump in the White House. Read More >>

Drones Are Giving Us Never-Before-Seen Close-up Views of Volcanic Eruptions

It’s not just the intense heat that makes it hard for researchers to closely study an active volcano, there’s also a potpourri of noxious gases that are less than ideal to inhale. But at the controls of a sensor-laden drone, scientists from the University of Cambridge have been able to capture amazing close-up footage of Guatemalan eruptions. Read More >>

This Robot Builds Other Robots, Learns From Failures, Builds Better Robots

Darwin probably didn’t expect basic principles of evolution to apply to machines, but here we are: Researchers have created a “mum” robot that independently reproduces “children,” passing beneficial features along to the next generation. Read More >>