New Research Shows Electric Brain Stimulation Can Help Memory

Zapping the brain with small bursts of electricity in hopes of improving memory isn’t a brand new concept, but a new study shows that the experimental therapy could be more effective than previous studies indicated. A team of neuroscientist from the University of Pennsylvania are the first to successfully demonstrate that electrical stimulation to the brain can have restorative effects. Read More >>

Explore the World From Your Sofa With This Movement-Matching Robot

Games and interactive movies are fun, but modern virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift also have the ability to let people travel and experience the world without ever leaving their sofa. And the DORA telepresence robot, which can perfectly match the movements of someone wearing a headset, will help make that VR experience even more immersive. Read More >>

Just What We Need—Drones with Grappling Claws

Fan-freakin'-tastic. It wasn't enough that drones are already watching our every move and capable of raining down missile-locked death strikes. No, we had to give them the ability to swoop and snag items like a goddamn Golden Eagle taking a baby. Everybody duck. Read More >>

Pooper-scooper Robot
This Automated Poop Scooper Picks Up Your Pet’s Piles

I dislike picking up my dog's droppings almost as much as stepping in them. However, a fleet of these automated scoopers could one day safeguard my shoe soles from dog droppings without reducing me to picking up poop. Read More >>