Review Says Tuition Fees Should be Cut to [Still Loads of Money]

The latest review into our educational system has said that tuition fees for university study should be capped at a lower level, proposing a limit of £7,500 per year on the cost of earning a degree that won't be used for anything unless you turn out to be a teacher. Read More >>

Starbucks Will Fund Your Degree With Only a Few Massive Caveats

Starbucks is doing something nice for its UK employees who fantasise about doing something more with their lives than building your stupid hot drinks and heating up your stupid paninis all day, with the chain offering to pick up the staggeringly high modern cost that is studying for a degree. Read More >>

Universities Complain About Spread of Paid Essay Writer Ads

An essay writing company that claims it offers nothing more than assistance and guidance has been given a telling off by the Advertising Standards Authority, which ruled it was guilty of advertising itself as more of a direct homework-doing service than the vague study assistance adviser it is supposed to be. Read More >>

Online School Offers ‘Nanodegree’ in Flying Cars

There are already a lot of degrees out there that sound a bit made up. But Flying Cars and Autonomous Flight? Get outta town! Read More >>

Hertfordshire Academics Discuss Game of Thrones Like it’s Serious

Clever people from across the world are gathering at the University of Hertfordshire right now, as the uni's Game of Thrones conference rolls into day two. Read More >>

game of thrones
Make Your Game of Thrones Knowledge Even More Pretentious With This Harvard Course

Harvard University, one of the most prestigious schools in the world, is now tricking students into learning medieval mythology by watching Game of Thrones. And Fox News says college doesn’t prepare kids for the real world. Read More >>

Bristol Student Accidentally Made High Explosive in Chemistry Experiment

A student at Bristol University has generated quite the amazing anecdote to tell people he or she meets for the rest of his life, after forcing the uni to evacuate its buildings when it turned out that the dangerous explosive triacetone triperoxide, or TATP as it's known in DIY terror circles, had been manufactured during a routine chemistry experiment. Read More >>

Google and Facebook Could Set up Universities Under Government Reforms

Changes to the UK's education system will make it easier for private companies to start up universities and create bespoke qualifications, meaning that one day soon we may have degrees in generating content and courses in successfully engaging with audiences via Google and Facebook. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets for Student Living

The kids are off back to school, but there are still other people heading off to fill their brains with facts in the hopes of getting a job someday. Students heading to university takes place over the course of many weeks, but it doesn't matter if you're if you;re still packing or if you've been there for a few weeks -- you're going to need a few gadgets to make life easier. Read More >>

Engineering Students to Take Hyperloop Design Lessons at US Uni

The Hyperloop is not real. But that won’t prevent it from being taught in schools. Now Purdue University, Indiana, is offering a Hyperloop Design course in three of its engineering schools. The first class was yesterday and apparently 54 students showed up. Read More >>

Inside Apple’s Secretive University-Style Training School

Deep within the bowels of Apple, there's a secretive school where its employees learn about the company and how to work for it. Some call it education, others cry indoctrination but either way, a new report explains what it's like. Read More >>

Students Warned of 10-Year Jail Term for Lying on CVs

Accidentally typing "B" instead of "C" when writing your geography result on your CV could result in a jail term, students are being warned, as competition for jobs is leading some to take risks with their claims -- and face potential jail time for fraud. Read More >>

If You’re a Student Looking to Get Laid, These are the Sex-Crazed Universities to Apply To

Ah, to be a student again -- cheap union beer, a few hours of seminars a week and days spent "reading books". Oh yeah -- and loads of horny young people looking to have sex every waking minute of their lives. Read More >>

What the Hell is the Point of an English Degree?

Hi, I’m Ben and during my five years at university I’ve learnt, errrm… something about communication? Read More >>

Student Faces £90k Legal Bill After Failed Shot at Suing University

A student who failed his final medical exams tried to sue Newcastle university for letting him down. But his case was chucked out of court, leaving him with his standard student debt and a possible lawyer debt of around £90,000. Read More >>