EE Has Realised That Maybe it Should be Offering Unlimited Data Plans Too

About ten years ago pretty much every network offered some sort of unlimited mobile data plan, until they realised just how much data people could hoover up in a single month. So they started getting stingier and stingier with data, and it wasn't long until Three was the last network to offer properly unlimited data with no fair use clauses, speed limits, or fine print. These days the networks are cottoning onto the fact unlimited data is something people want, and now EE has announced it's going to start offering it too. Read More >>

Three 4G
Three UK Data is Currently Down for Some Users

It's One Plan may be one of the last tariffs holding a torch for unlimited data, but that'll come as little comfort to some Three UK customers this morning. Reports are coming in that its data services are on the blink, preventing users from accessing the web on-the-go. Read More >>

Vodafone UK CEO: “There’s Not a Need For Unlimited in My View”

Looks like our dreams of blazing-fast unlimited 4G have been dashed yet again. EE's not offering unlimited data plans, neither is O2, and Vodafone's UK CEO has come out and said he doesn't even think they're needed. Three, you're our only hope. Read More >>