Report: Steam Had a Bug for 10 Years That Could Allow Hackers to Take Over Your PC

A researcher at security firm Context has published the details of an exploit they found in PC gaming giant Steam’s desktop client. The nasty bug has reportedly been around for the last 10 years and left millions of users’ PCs open to being remotely commandeered by hackers. Read More >>

Chrome Is Changing How It Mutes Autoplaying Videos — Again

Google’s quest to kill autoplay videos with sound has been a confusing ride over the last year. But last month, Chrome finally went all the way and started muting autoplaying videos on sites by default. Now, Google is changing the way its mute system works... again. Read More >>

32-Bit Apps Aren’t Showing Up in the App Store But Don’t Panic, Yet

Apple’s WWDC is later today and you can expect that the latest update to its mobile operating system, iOS 11 will be one of the announcements. With the update, support for 32-bit apps will be going away and it seems that those apps have already disappeared from search results in the Apple store. Read More >>

It’s Probably Time for Your Favourite iPhone Apps and Games to Die

=A new message found in the latest iOS 10 beta update seems to indicate Apple will be killing off thousands of apps and games that haven’t been updated to support 64-bit processors. Say hello to the world of vintage iPhone gaming. Read More >>

Tesla to Take Its Biggest Step Toward Fully Autonomous Cars Today

Yesterday, Elon Musk tweeted that an update that enables Tesla’s most advanced autopilot functions will roll out to the entire fleet today. The HW2 software will be fully functional in 1000 cars and run in “shadow mode” for the rest while data continues to be collected. Read More >>

Here Is What’s Going on With the Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Matthew

Since yesterday evening, Hurricane Matthew has gathered strength and is on a collision course with the Caribbean. Here’s what we know about the strongest hurricane to hit the region since 2007. Read More >>

windows 10
5 Reasons You Should Update to Windows 10 if You Haven’t Already

Last call for free software. Microsoft is raising the price of Windows 10 upgrades from £0 to £100 starting tomorrow, July 30th. If you’re one of the holdouts, it’s time you wise up and download the damn thing. Read More >>

windows 10
Windows 10 Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know

Windows 10 has some handy new features, but if you believe the rest of the internet, it also comes with features that eviscerate any semblance of privacy. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these settings actually do — and which ones are actually a privacy problem. Read More >>

windows 10
There’s a (Free) Major Update for Windows 10 and You Should Download it

Microsoft’s started rolling out an update to Windows 10, and it’s a fairly hefty bump up. ‘Threshold 2’, as it’s called, is available to download right now, and includes a range of enhancements concerning speed, performance, security and business features. Read More >>

Firefox Release First Browser With In-Built IM

Mozilla has released Firefox 41 and it claims that the desktop version is the first browser to have a built-in instant messaging. Powered by WebRTC, it should let you IM if you use Windows, Mac or Linux. Read More >>

apple watch
The Next Apple Watch Already Sounds a Lot More Useful

The Apple Watch’s launch was a shaky one. Yeah, Apple sold a tonne of them (as Apple is wont to do) but a few hardware and software snafus provided painful flashbacks of Apple’s troubled history with gen-one devices. But 9to5Mac reports that at least some missing Watch OS features may be coming soon. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Update Lets You Switch the Console on With a Tablet

For those Xbox One owners who have always wanted to be able to switch on their console before even plonking their butts on the sofa, Microsoft's Xbox One May update has answered some prayers. Read More >>

Alienware Says Alpha is Still in Alpha

The Alienware Alpha is smaller and more powerful than an Xbox 360 or PS4, but the £449 Windows-powered game console shipped a little half-baked. Not to worry, says Alienware: updates are on the way! "We're in the alpha phase of Alpha," admits the company. Read More >>

Android Wear’s First Big Update is Rolling Out

The first significant update for Android Wear is now rolling out. Most significantly, the update brings offline storage for your music, enhanced Bluetooth pairing, and support for Wear watches with GPS. Basically, Android Wear really wants to be your running partner. Read More >>