Spotify Just Gave You a Pretty Good Reason Not to Pay for Spotify

On Tuesday morning Spotify announced a pretty big change to its mobile app. At an event in New York City, the Swedish music giant announced that users who don’t want to pay up for a premium plan will soon get their hands on a lot more features, including the ability to personally choose songs on select playlists. Read More >>

Facebook Says It’s Putting All Your Privacy Settings in One Place, Which It Was Going to Do Anyway, So There

Facebook has been playing a shell game with your privacy for years, but now it says it will put all of the settings that control your data under one shell. Read More >>

Windows Has a Plan to Make Its Update System a Little Less Garbage

Installing updates on Windows has always been a pain in the ass. Not only does Microsoft seem hellbent on forcing users to update their machines whether they want to or not—including in prior versions of Windows 10 a nightmare “feature” that forcibly seized control of users’ systems to start the installation process—the process is infamously slow. The combination of these factors can make updating a Windows machine feel less like a minor but necessary inconvenience than a suddenly imposed tug-of-war for control of a computer. Read More >>

Here’s How To Change Your Uber Pickup Location After Ordering A Ride

Everyone who uses Uber knows the feeling: you request a car to your "current location," confirm, confirm, ignore surge, confirm – and then you notice the pin is nowhere near where you are. And in between you and the location your driver is helpfully winging their way to is a 5-lane road, or a lake, or a pair of six-inch heels. Read More >>

windows 10
Microsoft Now Tricking People into Accidentally Accepting Windows 10

Microsoft's ever-present Windows 10 update box has started taking an even more aggressive stance, with the company now having the update set to "Recommended" status -- meaning it automatically installs on many people's PCs even when they've spent the morning furiously clicking the litte red cross AGAIN top make the thing go away. Read More >>

If You Want To Keep Using Your Kindle, You Should Update It Immediately

If you own one of Amazon’s pre-2012 Kindles, listen up: there’s a critical update that you need to install if you want to keep using it, and you must do so before March 22nd. Read More >>

Faulty Security Certificates Are Screwing Up Some Mac App Store Updates

If your Mac’s app updates are acting a little weird, you’re not alone. A security management slip-up means that some software updates might actually require a delete and reinstall to work properly. Read More >>

There is Never a Convenient Time for a Software Update

Oh, come off it, Windows. I've just sat down to look at the same internet pages I looked at four minutes ago to see if anything new has happened -- could you have picked a worse time to demand a reboot? Read More >>

You Can Finally Edit Your Embarrassing Typos on Instagram

Mistake-makers, rejoice. After years of choosing between deleting an entire photo or living with the embarrassing mistakes and ill-conceived jokes you posted with it, Instagram has decided to allow us to edit our captions after they've been published. Read More >>

Why iOS Updates Require So Much Space

Every iOS update is a small deception. 117 MB, well that's not so bad! Then you look at the fine print, and a few gigabytes are required to actually install the damn thing. So what's really going on here? Read More >>

It Looks Like Camera Roll is Coming Back to iOS 8

It looks like Apple is listening: Despite the seemingly never-ending hiccups of iOS 8, the company has apparently decided to respond to overwhelming demand and reintroduce the much-missed Camera Roll feature to iOS 8.1. It's a little unclear exactly what this means, however. Read More >>

xbox one
Themes and Other UI Customisations Coming to Xbox One

Microsoft's Xbox One will soon update itself with the power to set your own custom background images and themes, with the gaming division's Phil Spencer saying: "...themes and background pics are things we're working on." Read More >>

The Apple Products Most Overdue for an Update

Well, it's official: Apple is holding an event on Oct 16th that will reportedly air out its stale iPad. But as they often do, the invitation to the event included a cryptic tagline: "It's been way too long. Read More >>