Owners of the Fourth Generation iPad Could Get an Upgrade If They Need Service

If you’ve held back on getting the latest iPad since 2012's fourth generation, you could be in luck. According to an internal memo obtained by 9to5 Mac, users who need service on that model could walk out of the store with a shiny new iPad Air 2. Read More >>

windows 10
What’s New in Windows 10 Update Threshold 2?

The first major Windows 10 update, ‘Threshold 2’, has landed, bringing with it a bunch of tweaks, performance improvements and new features. It’s free to download right now, and here’s what you’ll get with it. Read More >>

windows 10
The Windows 7 Upgrade to Windows 10 Isn’t So Scary After All

Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 is not quite as seamless as the move from Windows 8.1, but it’s close. You get to keep your applications and settings, and the process is simple and leaves you almost no chance to accidentally delete all your apps and data. Read More >>

Alienware Says Alpha is Still in Alpha

The Alienware Alpha is smaller and more powerful than an Xbox 360 or PS4, but the £449 Windows-powered game console shipped a little half-baked. Not to worry, says Alienware: updates are on the way! "We're in the alpha phase of Alpha," admits the company. Read More >>

Upgraded Apple TV Shows up on US Shop’s Comparison Chart

An upgraded Apple TV, which earlier rumours suggested might see an announcement in April, has been sort-of spotted again, with US retailer Best Buy supposedly including a substantially enhanced Apple TV with loads more apps in a product comparison slide. Read More >>

The Most and Least Repairable Tablets on the Market

The world is awash with tablets, but if you're a nerd who likes to tinker, it's important that you buy one that isn't too tricky to take apart, repair and upgrade. Fortunately, iFixit has released a list which ranks tablets according to their repairability. Read More >>

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Windows 8 Will Set You Back Just £25

After some weird dollar to pound confusion yesterday, Microsoft's come out and confirmed you can grab Windows 8 in all its glory for just £25 in the UK, as an upgrade from any version of Windows. Install the free Windows 8 preview and you've got yourself Microsoft's latest for just £25 all in, apparently. [Daily Mail via TechRadar] Read More >>

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Grab Yourself Windows 8 For Just £26 By Installing the Release Preview Right Now

Earlier this week we heard Microsoft was going to let almost anyone with any version of Windows from XP up upgrade to Windows 8 on-the-cheap, but it seems even those on the free Windows 8 Release Preview can upgrade to the full thing for just £26 too. Read More >>

O2 Fancy Rolling Out Even Faster 3G (Because 4G Isn’t Quite Here Yet)

O2 has decided that now is a good time to throw us some super-fast-flavoured 3G, boosting current speeds ahead of future 4G plans, whilst other networks play cat and mouse with all those spectrums. Read More >>