Japan’s ‘Repaired’ Sinkhole is Sinking Again

A massive five-lane wide sinkhole in the Japanese city of Fukuoka that was repaired in just four days is sinking again, prompting city officials to stop traffic at the busy intersection. Read More >>

Sydney is Getting the Library of the Future

The city of Sydney is setting up a new library inside a building that looks, depending on who you ask, like a stack of plates, a spaceship taking off, or a cyborg hairdo. The library will occupy two floors, and will house a lot more than just books. Read More >>

This Map Shows Manhattan Transform From the Countryside Into a Metropolis

It's hard to imagine, but Manhattan used to be a bunch of open fields and trees. Then, after a small Dutch fort turned into an important trading post, things began to change. And a new map project by the architects and coders at Morphocode lets you visualise the past 300 years of that process. Read More >>