This Smart Monitor Will Help Brown Thumbs Raise Victory Gardens

It's tough finding time to keep your houseplants from withering away, much less the effort to maintain an entire outdoor urban garden. But with this comprehensive monitoring system, gardeners of any age and skill level can grow the best crops in the neighbourhood. Read More >>

The New Click & Grow Herb Garden Does Everything but Harvest Itself

Click and Grow's second generation home hydroponic system launches today that, like its predecessor, provides urban gardeners an organic, pesticide-free, and nearly autonomous herb garden. Except the new Smart Herb Garden doesn't need a bright window spot—it includes its own miniature sun. Read More >>

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Green Gifts for the Urban Gardener

It doesn't matter whether the gardener on your Christmas shopping list has a green thumb or black, works a four-acre garden or is a windowsill herb planter; these tools will help make their victory garden a winner. Read More >>