What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen if You Hold in Your Pee Too Long?

Unless there are some truly radical advances in catheter technology, having to pee and not being able to will remain a universal predicament, albeit one more acute for some (Amazon warehouse workers, for instance) than for others. Certainly it can feel, in the moment, like you’re doing real, irreversible damage to yourself, but that feeling often fades the moment you make it to a bathroom. But do the effects of not peeing linger beyond temporary discomfort? What are you really doing to yourself, when – via not wanting to shoulder your way out of a crowded movie cinema aisle, or displease your sadistic boss, or because of some kind of medical condition – you put off what badly needs doing? Read More >>

We Talked to the Graduate Student Who Made Bricks From Human Wee

Wee contains some pretty amazing stuff. Scientists have known for nearly a decade that it’s possible to produce bricks from bacteria, sand, and urea—a chemical found in urine. Researchers have gone ahead and produced those bricks, now for the first time with human wee. Read More >>

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Why Does Dog Poo Smell Bad to Us but Good to Dogs?

There are some things we can all agree on. For instance: the fact that shit smells bad. There are some contrarians out there—fetishists, middle school class clowns, etc.—but for the most part this issue transcends the usual divisions. Read More >>

Study Finds Tech Can Generate Electricity From Urine and Kill Salmonella

Scientists have understood that microbial fuel cells (MFC) can generate electricity from urine and other forms of waste for a while now. But new research shows that the process can also kill bacteria and a new approach to sewage could be the result. The researchers imagine a self-sustaining system that would be of huge benefit to the developing world. Read More >>

Take a Piss On Beautiful Landscapes in ‘Pee World VR’

Have you ever dreamt of pissing into the Grand Canyon? Or maybe you’ve dreamt about taking a leak in deep outer space. Now, you finally can. Sort of. Read More >>

Men Weeing on a Church are Rotting it Away

The world's tallest church in the city of Ulm, Germany, faces turning into a not very high at all pile of rubble in the future thanks to the sword work of local men. Read More >>

Researchers Create Urine-Powered Battery For, Ahem, Cleaner Charging

A team at the University of Bath claims to have designed a new sort of urine-powered battery, giving rise to a future in which drunken businessmen will be attempting to urinate into unreasonably small holes atop their iPhone 12s in train doorways in order to get enough power to last them the commute home. Read More >>

Piss-Bouncing Walls Have Arrived in Aberdeen

Good old piss. Spraying out the yellow stuff out is one of life’s natural pleasures, but there’s a time and a place for draining the main vein. Thanks to urine-bandits in Aberdeen, the council has decided to coat the lifts and walls of a couple of blocks of flats in hydrophobic paint, which deflects any liquids sprayed at it directly back to the source of the spray. Read More >>

‘Hier Nicht Pinkeln!’ Germans Target Public Pissers With Walls That Wee Right Back at You

Cute as the word ‘wildpinkler’ may sound, it describes something that’s anything but. It means ‘public urinator’, and a railway station in Germany has decided to crack down on these scourges of the street. Read More >>

Privacy Protesters Drink Urine to Complain About Something or Other

A handful of privacy protesters stationed outside GCHQ came up with a bizarre form of protest, apparently drinking urine from a potty as a way of suggesting the UK's spies are "taking the piss" with our privacy. Read More >>

Is Urine Actually Sterile?

There's a long held myth that urine is sterile: that you can use it to treat jellyfish stings, sterilise a wound or, hell, even drink it in an emergency. But new research suggests it may not be quite as pure as you thought. Read More >>

How One Man’s Love of Urine Led to the Discovery of Phosphorus

Phosphorus is an essential element for life. Forms of it are found in DNA, RNA, and all living cell membranes. It is the sixth most abundant element in any living organism. Phosphorus can also be highly poisonous and combustible (white phosphorus is used in many destructive weapons, such as napalm). It was also the first element discovered since ancient times. The person who made this discovery was Hennig Brand in 1669, who did so while he was playing around with large amounts of human urine. Read More >>