Twitter User Exploits Loophole to Post 35,000-Character Tweet

Do you remember when Twitter stopped limiting the number of usernames you could tag in a post and suddenly for a few days people started tagging dozens of users at once just to be annoying? Well, if people start duplicating this hack, it’ll make your timeline a hell of a lot worse than that. Read More >>

New Malware Attacks When You Type a URL Wrong

Better watch where those fingers fall on the keyboard next time you type out a URL. Security researchers have discovered a new trend they’re calling typosquatting, where browsers are attacked after web addresses are mis-typed. Read More >>

Forget Flappy Bird: Flappy Braille Will Provide Your Daily Dose of Simplistic Frustration

Many of the attempts at taking Flappy Bird's place after its departure from most app stores are terrible. I have some affection for the much-maligned game, that I still play, on which my high score is 250. Now a browser game, Flappy Braille, has come along and I can barely get three points! Can you do any better? Read More >>

Google Chrome’s Best Feature Is Not Working Properly

At least it isn't just me! TheNextWeb is reporting a problem with Google Chrome's beloved URL bar search feature. The beauty of Chrome is that you don't need to open a tab and go to Google in order to search something. It's already Google! It understands. Usually. Read More >>

How Wikipedia Is Making QR Codes Useful Again

QR codes have fallen out of fashion and sunk to an all-time low. But Wikipedia and its QRpedia service may change all that. Read More >>