How to Buy Your Personal Domain Name Before Some Dumb Troll Does

It’s come to our attention that Martin Shkreli, the dagger-faced pharma bro who won’t leave the world alone, is buying up domains for the names of journalists who have written about him. He even targeted Gizmodo writers. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Read More >>

Link Shorteners Can Spy on You

Anyone who’s used a link shortener has probably considered their vulnerability. It’s no big deal when you’re just bookmarking a blog post, but a little more troubling when you’re shortening directions to your house. If you’ve ever punched in the wrong bit.ly link, you may have inadvertently spied on someone already. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy a .Cloud Domain Because Modern Life Is Awful

If domain names like “.com” and “.org” lack the sense of buzzword-fuelled modernity that your website requires, well, it’s your lucky day. You can now buy “.cloud” domains, because the internet isn’t clichéd enough just yet. Read More >>

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Why are URLs Full of Weird Characters?

#?&%! Why do some URLs look like cuss words in comic books? We have the answer. Read More >>

Google’s Not Getting Its Fancy Dotless ‘Search’ Domain

ICANN's loosening up and getting ready to roll out a whole new batch of .whatever generic top level domains, but Google wanted more. Google was pushing for crazy, dotless domains like http://search. But the dream is over. ICANN just smacked it down. Read More >>

Want a New Domain Name? Grab Yourself a Free One From Mali

Ever seen a .ml domain? No, me neither. That's why Mali's going to give them away for free in an attempt to put the country on the map. For the rest of us, it just means a free spot on the internet to call your own. Yourname.ml anyone? Read More >>