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US Tests Alaskan Missile Defense System Following North Korea ICBM Launch

The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has released video of a test conducted yesterday using a dummy missile that was launched north of Hawaii. The missile was obliterated by another missile shot from Alaska by the THAAD defence system. And it’s a not-so-subtle message to North Korea that the US is ready to shoot down any object that may threaten US airspace. Read More >>

Rare Photos From Inside NORAD Will Give You Retro-Armageddon Nostalgia

Ever since NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain underground facility became fully operational in 1966, it’s been America’s command and control centre for the nuclear apocalypse. But photos from inside the top secret bunker, even historical ones, are incredibly rare. Yesterday the folks over at Memory Hole 2 helped make them a bit less rare by uploading some hard-to-find NORAD photos published in 1970. Read More >>

SpaceX Close to Winning its First-Ever Military Mission

It looks like SpaceX is set to win its first US military contract. Elon Musk’s company sued for the right to be considered, and now it is the last one standing after United Launch Alliance’s Russian-made engines have become an issue. Read More >>

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A Beach Stormer That Flies Like an Air Hockey Puck

There's no guarantee that the USMC's UHAC next-generation landing craft will ever see the light of day. Until that actually happens, the US military will continue to rely on these nearly unstoppable ship-to-shore hovercrafts. Read More >>

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This Tank Thinks it’s a Beach-Storming Hovercraft

As the US military explores the idea of moving our forward operating bases offshore, it is faced with the issue of actually getting troops from ship to land. However, at last month's RIMPAC exercises in Hawaii, the Navy showed off the future of landing craft with a gargantuan aquatic tank prototype—and even that's only half the size of the final design. Read More >>

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The Fighter Jet the US Could Have Built Instead of the F-35

The mid-1990s found the US military in need of a low-cost, supersonic stealth fighter jet that all three armed services branches could field. Easy, right? The subsequent—and highly contentious—design competition between Boeing and Lockheed saw the winner take home a $200 (£117) billion defence contract, which in turn became the debacle we know as the F-35. But what about the plane the US could have had instead? Read More >>

The US Military Tested a Tsunami Bomb That Could Rival the Nuclear Bomb

We've all seen the destruction that tsunamis can cause. It doesn't play around. But back in 1944, the US military wanted to play around with tsunamis in hope of creating a man made tsunami bomb—basically setting off 10 large blasts in the ocean to create a 33-foot tsunami that would pulverise and drown a city. Read More >>