All the Movies You Should Give a Damn About in 2019

Last year was one of the biggest years ever at the box office, and 2019 looks like it could easily beat that record. Why? Well, you’ll see... Read More >>

Jordan Peele’s Follow-Up to Get Out is Called Us and the Rumoured Cast Sounds Amazing

We don’t know what it’s about — but Jordan Peele’s follow-up to his Oscar-winning debut, Get Out, now has a title and a rumoured cast. Read More >>

Men Attempt to Trademark the N-Word and Swastika to Limit Their Profitability and Use

Two US men have come up with an idea that could stop hate groups profiting from their offensive merchandise — trademarking the N-word and the form of the Swastika. Your dad's going to have to have those tattoos removed. Read More >>

Trump Might Add UK Airports to the Naughty Terrorist Laptop Ban List

That man in America who sets the day's news from Twitter in bed each morning has struck again, with the latest rumours from Trumpland suggesting that UK and European airports could join the ban on bringing laptops and tablets into the country on flights. Read More >>

Even Weetabix Is Leaving The UK

In a devastating blow to the league of oldsters trying to bring back some sort of imaginary 'golden age' to the UK, British-as-fish-and-chips breakfast cereal Weetabix is jumping ship to the US. Read More >>

US Immigration Might Want to See the Tweets of Potential Visitors

The US immigration people have added a really quite worrying new option to its list of data it asks entrants to the country to provide -- the social media account details of travellers. So be prepared to spend 36 hours in a little room being questioned by a humourless man with a non-ironic moustache if you've ever got Trump to RT a photo of a murderer. Read More >>

Escaping Americans Crash Canadian Immigration Site

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada web portal is taking ages to load right now and was offline for large chunks of this morning, with the outage most likely to have been caused by anxious liberal Americans inadvertently DDoS-ing it by seeing if they're allowed to move there permanently this afternoon if they print out the forms and get a passport photo taken right away. Read More >>

Sadiq Khan Rejects Trump’s Offer to Bend “No Muslims” Rule for Him

Donald Trump has extended a limp and lukewarm hand of welcome to new London mayor Sadiq Khan, suggesting that the presidential hopeful's plan to temporarily ban muslims from entering the US might be bent to allow Khan to pop over. Seeing as he's quite the important politician nowadays, so can presumably be trusted not to machine gun a shopping mall full of Americans then blow himself and attending medical services up as soon as he steps off the plane. Read More >>

Flying to the US? You Need an e-Passport to Get in the Country

An extremely important change to US visa requirements came into effect at the beginning of last month, and it turns out that many holidaymakers -- myself included -- didn’t have a clue. As of April 1st, you’re not allowed to travel to the Land of Trump and... Glory if you don’t own an e-passport. Read More >>

US Athletes Told to Opt Out of Rio Olympics if Worried About Zika Threat

US athletes have been told by their governing bodies that it's OK for them to opt out of attending the Rio Olympics this summer due to the Zika virus threat, with anyone who's concerned for their health given the go-ahead to stay home and watch it all on the telly instead. After all, it's all in HD nowadays. It's just like being there. Read More >>

The US is Willing to Sacrifice Safety to Get Self-Driving Cars on Roads

The US Transportation Department says it may get rid of some of the red tape that’s currently hampering the progress of self-driving cars. Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary over in the States, says he wants to speed up development of self-driving vehicles, and is ready to chill the hell out in order to make this possible. Read More >>

Sopranos Creator Considering Prequel Series Set in the 1960s

David Chase, creator of violent TV epic The Sopranos, has hinted that he's thinking about bringing it back in some way, with the option of creating a prequel set in the 1960s apparently piquing his interest. Read More >>

Declassified: The US Government’s Secret Plan for a Military Moon Base

More than 50 years ago, before man had ever stepped foot on the moon, the US government hatched a plan whose ambitions were exceeded only by its total unfeasibility: A secret, self-sustaining, Soviet-shaming military moon base. Read More >>