US Air Force Tweets Santa Isn’t Real

2017 has been what some might call a “real doozy” of a year, but it’s still got some brutal surprises up its sleeve. On Wednesday, the United States Air Force publicly denied the existence of Santa Claus, who in exactly two months was ostensibly scheduled to deliver presents to the nation’s children. Read More >>

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This Gorgeous GPS Satellite is Ready for Launch Later Today

This golden slice of visual perfection is a Global Positioning System IIF-series satellite. It underwent final testing on October 21st at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Read More >>

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Two Sated Warthogs Light Up the Sky in Spectacular Fashion

Aerial refuelling photos are always awesome. But this one, taken right after two of the world's best ground attack jets were topped up, easily beats all similar photos we have ever seen. Read More >>

Reloading the Largest Combat Jet Gun on the Planet

When you have one of the biggest guns in the world, you can’t just pop in a new magazine and start firing again. Well, you can but the new ‘magazine’ is so ginormous it needs to be trucked in and requires multiple Air Force guys to get the gun reloaded. It takes time to get giant bullets on board. Here’s the interesting process on how the largest combat jet gun gets reloaded. Read More >>

US Bomb ISIS Based On Social Media Post

ISIS commanders in the so-called Islamic State might want to make sure GPS is switched off next time they tweet - as it turns out that the US Air Force is using social media data to figure out where the bad guys are. Read More >>

See The First Female F-35 Pilot Begin Her Training

Lt. Col. Christine Mau, 33rd Operations Group deputy commander, just completed a training flight as the US’s first female F-35 pilot. Here are photos of her in an F-35A, a fifth-generation single-seat fighter. Read More >>

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This Globemaster is Getting Angry Because it’s Hungry for Cargo

This lovely night shot shows the abdomen of the second largest military transport aircraft made in the US: the C-17 Globemaster. But what's actually going on in this photo? Read More >>

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Beautiful Sunset Silhouettes a War Plane

A spectral sunset over a war plane. Airmen from the US 1st Special Operations Aircraft Maintenance Squadron work on an AC-130U Spooky Gunship at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California on November 3rd. [Senior Airman Christopher Callaway/U.S. Air Force] Read More >>

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Why the Human Body Can’t Handle Heavy Acceleration

Our bodies are surprisingly resilient in many situations, but rapid acceleration is not one of them. While the human body can withstand any constant speed — be it 20 miles per hour or 20 billion miles per hour — we can only change that rate of travel relatively slowly. Speed up or slow down too quickly and it's lights out for you, permanently. Read More >>

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America’s Most Important Spy Plane That Isn’t an SR-71 Blackbird

The Boeing RC-135 is the most effective American spyplane you've never heard of. It's the John Paul Jones to the SR-71's Robert Plant—a quiet workhorse that has flown over countless US missions while providing vital, real-time signals intelligence. Read More >>

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This Absurd Flying Whale Ushered in a New Age of Stealth Technology

Not every program DARPA undertakes can be another Big Dog—the agency has had its fair share of fizzled experiments over the years—but even those failures can yield exciting new insights. Just look at the Northrop Tacit Blue, a plane so unwieldy it incorporated more redundancy than the Space Shuttle but also demonstrated the potency of curved stealth design. Read More >>