Watch a Rubik’s Cube Master Race the Fastest Man on Earth

Speed cubing champion Anthony Brooks is used to racing the clock when he’s solving a Rubik’s Cube puzzle, but since we’re in the middle of the 2016 Olympics, he decided to challenge the world’s fastest man, running the 100 metres, to a head-to-head race. Read More >>

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Track and Failed: Usain Bolt Run Over by Runaway Segway Cameraman

Usain Bolt has just secured the 200m gold at the Athletics World Championships in Beijing. While he could well have expected that result, he probably didn't expect to be floored by Segway-riding camera man within moments of winning. Read More >>

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How to Get Into the Guinness World Records Book

Whether it was Cheryl Baker 20 years ago or Felix Baumgartner a few months back who introduced you to the Guinness World Records Book, there's always been something special about the record-breaking tome that's seen it retain an incredibly cool status, no matter what your age. Read More >>

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Military Robot Cheetah Is Faster Than Usain Bolt—and Freaks the Hell Out of Me

This is freaking scary. This is even scarier than Big Dog. It's the latest version of the Pentagons's newest Cheetah robot and it now runs faster than Usain Bolt. 0.5 miles per hour faster than the fastest man on Earth. And if it can catch Bolt, it can catch you too. And then kill you. Read More >>

Usain Bolt Now Part of the Shitty Celeb Headphones Illuminati

In an occult ceremony involving Dr. Dre, Justin Bieber, Diddy, and Ludacris, Usain Bolt was inducted into the famous person headphone cash-in club. One of the greatest humans in the history of the species now shills for gadgets! Read More >>

How Usain Bolt Can Shave 0.13 Seconds Off His 100m Time (Using Maths)

Usain Bolt is a hero: he can run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds flat. But a mathematician thinks that—without any extra effort—he can shave another 0.13 seconds off his time. Here's how. Read More >>