Here’s the Reversible USB 3.0 Cable That You’ve Always Longed For

What devilry causes a USB cable to flip in your fingers as soon as you reach around to the ports on the side or back of your computer? It's like USB cables exist in a dimension all of their own, where the laws of physics don't apply, Newton caught the apple in his mouth and the concepts of "up" and "down" have been replaced with theoretical jelly. Read More >>

Kingston Hyper X Predator
lightning review
Kingston HyperX Predator Review: 512GB of Flashdrive In Your Not-Even-Bulging Pocket

Flashdrives are a dime a dozen these days, hell, you can even get them in cereal boxes. But what if you needed to store something really, really big, and probably confidential on an easy-to-lose stick? Kingston's got you covered with its ludicrously expensive 512GB HyperX Predator USB 3.0 flashdrive. Just imagine how many nuclear codes, confidential files, and how much, errr, porn you could lose on this thing. WikiLeaks eat your heart out. Read More >>

Thunderbolt vs. USB 3.0: The Definitive Showdown

Thunderbolt has arrived on the PC after being exclusive to the Macintosh platform for more than a year. With its promise of 10Gb/s‑per‑channel throughput, what self-respecting power user wouldn't opt for a Thunderbolt-based external backup solution? Well, before you get too excited, let's compare T-bolt point-by-point with its natural competitor, USB 3.0. After all, there's more to a technology than pure performance, as we found out. Read More >>

USB 3.0 Is Going To Double Speeds

USB data transfer is about to get a hell of a lot faster. The USB Promoter Group is rolling out SuperSpeed USB, a supplement to USB 3.0 due out later this year that should surge your speeds two-fold. Read More >>

Why USB Will Replace Every Power Connector You Own

Charging via USB is something we all take increasingly for granted; hell, it's become so ubiquitous you can have USB ports alongside your wall outlets. So it bodes well for a future ruled by USB charging that the powers-that-be have decided that the connection should be able to supply a whole 100 watts of power—enough to power a computer. Read More >>

What’s the Best USB Stick to Throw In Your Port?

USB sticks are those devices you know you should own, but just aren't any fun buying. Kind of like insulation, or a new garden hose. I mostly use freebie sticks that once contained junk press releases, but for real power, ex-Gizmodo ed Brian Lam (over at his new site Wirecutter) has researched all the best available sticks, and discovered Patriot's Supersonic USB 3.0 is the bee's knees. Read More >>

I Would Buy a USB 3.0 Thumb Drive in a Second…If Only I Had a USB 3.0 Device

USB thumb drives that are bigger than my hard drive circa 2001 are great. Waiting 5, 10, 15 minutes for the files to move to that USB 2.0 drive isn't so great. Now that USB 3.0 is becoming a common thing in laptops and devices, we can finally get faster flash drives as well. Read More >>

Intel’s Thunderbolt Coming to PCs from April 2012

Intel and Apple's Thunderbolt data transfer format could soon be a bullet-point on your new PC's tech spec sheet, with Intel reportedly preparing to launch a PC version of the adaptable daisy-chain interface next spring. Read More >>