This iPhone 8 Rumour is Absolutely Insane

We’re about six months away from the next iPhone, AKA the iPhone 8 (or the iPhone X, or the iPhone: Tenth Anniversary Edition), and as such, supply chain rumours are starting to leak out. Read More >>

Apple Enthusiasts Over-Analyse AirPod Lightning Cable Hole

Apple has infuriated some of the more obsessive of its fans with one curious design quirk of the AirPods charging dock -- its connector hole is ever so slightly the wrong shape. But what does it mean? Read More >>

What Exactly Is USB-C?

If you’re an owner of a new Apple MacBook, HP Spectre or Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you’d be familiar with the slim, high-speed, high-power USB Type-C connector. It’s set to become the new standard, with its reversibility (that’s right, there’s no wrong way up with the USB-C) just one of the advantages. It can power laptops, transfer data and solve world hunger (okay, maybe not that last one). Read More >>

This MagSafe Ripoff Cable Sucks

Charging cables aren’t exactly the sexiest pieces of technology, but they’re essential to every setup. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice about the charging cable I’m using, but when it comes to USB-C cables, the options are pretty bad right now. So, when I saw the Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable, I desperately wanted to test it out. Read More >>

Intel Thinks USB-C Should Replace the Headphone Jack

While every other port on your computer has become digitised and smarter, the good ‘ol 3.5mm headphone jack has remained as a bastion of analogue data transmission. But Intel thinks the time has come for its replacement, and it looks like USB-C. Read More >>

A Software Fix Might Eventually Stop Bad USB-C Cables Destroying Devices

USB-C is a fantastic new standard for almost everything, unless you have a crappy cable, in which case you might accidentally fry your laptop. The people behind USB-C understandably see this as a problem, so a fix is in the works. Read More >>

First USB-Powered 8TB Drive Is as Portable as a Flash Drive

Keeping the number of power cables dangling off your desk to a minimum usually means settling for a smaller capacity backup drive that draws all the power it needs from a single USB cable. But Seagate’s new Innov8 drive packs 8TB of storage into an external closure that doesn’t need a dedicated power cable. Wow. Read More >>

Amazon’s Banning Cheap, Unsafe USB-C Cables

A cheap USB-C cable can fry your phone or computer. So it’s nice to see that Amazon is taking action, clamping down on the sale of poor-quality USB-C cables that don’t meet the grade. Read More >>

ces 2016
Here’s the Tiny USB-C Card Reader Your 12-Inch MacBook Desperately Needs

One of the less publicised themes of CES 2016 appears to be ‘ways to fix the 12-inch MacBook’. Not only the laptop come with just a single USB-C port, there’s also no memory card slot. So if you’re a photographer constantly transferring shots, you’ll want Satechi’s tiny new USB-C card reader always close at hand. Read More >>

Griffin’s New Quick-Release Cable Gives MagSafe Powers to USB-C

If you love the USB Type-C port on Apple’s 12-inch MacBook but miss the quick release MagSafe power connector that probably saved your old MacBook’s life on many occasions, Griffin now has a simple way to get it back. Read More >>

OnePlus to Refund People Who Bought its Flawed USB-C Cable

The reversible USB-C cable and charger that OnePlus sells for its OnePlus 2 smartphone has no problem charging that particular phone. But as a Google engineer pointed out, it’s not up to spec for all USB-C devices. Read More >>

A Google Engineer is Publicly Shaming Crappy USB-C Cables

All cables are not created equal: some will charge most efficiently, others might just fry your battery. Google Chromebook engineer and Caped Cable Crusader Benson Leung has been testing USB-C cables, and it’s not just the no-brand products that have been failing. Read More >>

Want a Reversible USB-C Cable? OnePlus Has You Covered

If you’re the kind of lucky person who owns a USB-C enabled piece of electronica, listen up: OnePlus is selling its fantastic reversible USB-C cables for a song. Read More >>

The First USB-C Car Charger Also Throws in a Backup Battery

Now that many laptops and smartphones can be charged with the same USB Type-C cable, it makes sense to have those fancy new ports everywhere. And with Nomad’s new Roadtrip, any vehicle with a 12-volt car socket can be modernised with a USB Type-C power source of its own. Read More >>

Here’s The Box That Can Turn a Puny Laptop Into a Graphical Powerhouse

USB Type-C is shaping up to be the holy grail of ports. It can charge your laptop, deliver 4K video, and transfer loads of USB data all over a single cable — all at the same time. What could be better? You’re looking at the answer. Read More >>