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A Pass-Through Charging Port Makes Satechi’s USB-C Expansion Dock Even Better

Back in October we praised Satechi for remedying the 12-inch MacBook’s shortcomings with a slim USB-C dock that expanded the laptop’s connectivity options. We also lamented the dock’s lack of a pass-through USB-C charging port, which Satechi has thankfully already fixed. Read More >>

This Thin USB-C Dock Gives Your New MacBook Every Port it’s Missing

The unending march of technological progress probably left you feeling slightly confused when you saw that fancy new 12-inch MacBook arrived with just a single USB-C port. Well, a company called Satechi has come up with a solution to solve Apple’s oversight. Read More >>

The First USB-C Car Charger Also Throws in a Backup Battery

Now that many laptops and smartphones can be charged with the same USB Type-C cable, it makes sense to have those fancy new ports everywhere. And with Nomad’s new Roadtrip, any vehicle with a 12-volt car socket can be modernised with a USB Type-C power source of its own. Read More >>

Here’s The Box That Can Turn a Puny Laptop Into a Graphical Powerhouse

USB Type-C is shaping up to be the holy grail of ports. It can charge your laptop, deliver 4K video, and transfer loads of USB data all over a single cable — all at the same time. What could be better? You’re looking at the answer. Read More >>

Thunderbolt 3 Has USB Type-C Connector, Drives Two 4K Screens at Once

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Intel has announced that its new Thunderbolt standard, the third iteration of the inter-connector, will use the USB Type-C connector—as well as boasting data transfer rates that allow it to drive two 4K screen simultaneously. Read More >>

Here’s the First Smartphone With USB Type-C Connectivity

USB Type-C super ports go mobile, Netflix gives disabled support, and ResearchKit arrives to bring health research into the 21st century. BitStream has all the news and rumours you missed in the last 24 hours. Read More >>

MacBook Battery Packs on the Way Thanks to USB Type-C

You know what Apple loves? A good ol' expensive accessory. The introduction of USB Type-C in its new MacBook line allows for just that, with a load of pricey dongles on the way to support the One Port To Rule Them All. And while USB Type-C may be knocking out the much-loved MagSafe charging port, it may also allow for the MacBook to support a long-requested add-on: battery packs. Read More >>

USB Type-C: I’ve Never Been So Excited About a Silly Little Port

The future of cables is finally coming and it's god damned fantastic. Welcome to USB Type-C. Read More >>

Google’s New Chromebook Pixel: Dangerously Close to Buyable

Google's original Chromebook Pixel was a beautiful, wonderful laptop. It was also absurdly expensive—so pricey that it became a tech nerd joke. Now Google's following it up with the Pixel 2, and surprise: it's better, cheaper, and dangerously close to buyable. Read More >>

Android Phones Will (Eventually) Get USB Type-C Ports

Your next Android phone may come with the headline-grabbing USB Type-C connection. Google's Adam Rodriguez, during a video describing the company's new Chromebook Pixel, stated that the company was "very committed" to the new USB specification, and that in time you'd see it come to both Android phones, tablets and other Chromebooks. Read More >>

Your Next Laptop Could Have the Holy Grail of USB Ports

In just a couple of years, your MacBook Air or Surface Pro could look obsolete. Denizens of the future won't understand why you have so many gaping holes in your machine. Why would you need a full-size USB socket, a magnetic charging port, and a video output when you can cram them all into a single tiny plug? Because that's what the VESA standards body just announced with the new USB 3.1 Type-C jack, and it's coming right around the corner. Read More >>