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Stormfront, the Internet’s Oldest Neo-Nazi Site, Follows the Daily Stormer Down to Hell 

The massive crackdown on the internet’s festering white supremacist contingent claimed another victory this weekend: Stormfront. Read More >>

The Birth of the Internet Troll

Trolls are shitting all over our internet. You can hardly search for something as innocuous as "dog" on Google without coming across inflammatory attacks on every possible dog-related opinion under the sun. All horrible things have to crawl before they can walk/crush spirits, though. Even trolls. Read More >>

Anti-Piracy Boss has Secret Past as Usenet Piracy Kingpin

A chap by the name of Joseph Morganelli runs friendly looking anti-piracy site The Morganelli Group. He also used to run BinNews, a large usenet aggregator that lost a $15m piracy case. He must be a slightly conflicted man. Read More >>

Leeds Bad Boys Given Nine Month Suspended Sentences for Usenet Copyright Crimes

A couple of men from Leeds are the latest victims of the UK's ongoing crackdown on copyright infringement, with the pair given nine-month sentences for running illegal TV and movie streaming sites. Read More >>

Big Media Continues Its All-Out War on Usenet, Claiming NBZMatrix’s Scalp

Another popular piracy provider from the good old days has gone under, with usenet archiver NBZMatrix collapsing under the weight of DMCA requests from Hollywood and further hindered by payment providers being wary of facilitating its deeds. Read More >>

Big Media Wins: Newzbin2 Finally Calls It Quits

The Newzbin saga has been raging for over a year now, with big media first managing to sue the original Newzbin out of existence, and then winning a court order to block the revived Newzbin2 off the face of the planet. But now the hackers behind Newzbin2 have thrown in the towel. The original Usenet indexer that brought binaries into the mainstream, is no more. Read More >>

Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk Asked to Join BT Newzbin Block

We could well be about to see a blanket ban on easy access to usenet archive site Newzbin, with the Motion Picture Association now asking another two UK ISPs to restrict access to the popular download resource. Read More >>

Surprise! Newzbin Users Not Stopped by BT’s Filtering Attempts

BT's efforts to stop users accessing the Newzbin usenet archive doesn't appear to be working, thanks to a combination of Newzbin's own bypassing app and the general technical awareness of those who enjoy the internet's last great untamed wilderness. Read More >>

Landmark Ruling Sees High Court Order BT To Block Newzbin2 In Filesharing Clampdown

The high court has broken ground in the UK, with a first-of-its-kind copyright ruling ordering BT to block Newzbin2 within 14 days. The ruling follows the request of a coalition of Hollywood studios and could set a precedent leading to more filesharing clampdowns. Read More >>