Your Dad’s Not the Only One Still Using Windows XP

Windows XP is still going strong, despite Microsoft's repeated attempts to get the world to upgrade to something a bit more modern. Stats show it's currently powering nearly 17 per cent of all Windows desktops, making it the second most popular form of desktop software out there in 2015. Read More >>

Android 4.4 Explodes Onto… 1.1 Per Cent of Android Devices

The latest set of Android user version data shows that Google and its hardware buddies still haven't got it together when it comes to rolling out the newest versions of its code, with just 1.1 per cent of all Android users on the latest KitKat software a month after it first appeared on the Nexus 5. Read More >>

Will There Ever Be More Dead People Than Living Ones on Facebook?

Currently, there aren't many dead people on Facebook, which is largely because its user base is so young. But time marches on and death is inevitable, so will there ever be more dead than live people on the social network? Read More >>

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10
BlackBerry Claims it has Loads of Cash, so Don’t Panic Yet

BlackBerry's taken the unusual step of releasing an open letter to its users, trying to calm the storm surrounding its financial situation and possible sale. BB says it has "substantial cash on hand" and is restructuring itself "in order to run a very efficient, customer-oriented organization." It wants people to think it'll still be around 18 months from now, so can everyone please start buying some Z10s. Thanks. [Blackberry] Read More >>

PS4 Gamers Encouraged to Use Real Names Online Instead of D3tTHBRiNGER and the Like

Sony's been talking a little more about how PS4 and its systems will work over at the Tokyo Game Show, revealing one big change to its online service in the way it'll encourage players to use and display their proper names. Read More >>

Nearly Half of Everyone in the UK Went on Facebook Yesterday

Facebook's UK team has just issued some user numbers, including our first ever look at its daily access figures. The social site claims that its averaging a staggering 24 million daily active users here in the UK, with that rising to 33 million individual users every month. Read More >>

windows 8
Windows 8 Tablets Now Own 7.4 Per Cent of the Tab Market

Microsoft's Windows 8 and RT tablets have seemingly got off to a bit of a flyer, with number crunchers estimating Windows is now the OS on 7.4 per cent of all portable tabs. Not a bad beginning given the fashionable and cheap Apple and Android onslaught. Read More >>

Possibly Deranged Analyst Claims Google+ Now Outranks Twitter and YouTube

New stats from a company calling itself GlobalWebIndex claim Google+ is now the second most popular social site in the world, eclipsing Twitter and YouTube with only the Facebook goliath ahead of it. Read More >>

Facebook End of the world
The World Must Be Ending — Facebook Actually Lost Users in the UK

As amazing as it sounds, the social network juggernaut that's almost to big to fail, actually lost 600,000 users in the UK over Christmas. Looks like a load of Britons had just plain had enough with Zukerberg's privacy invasions. Read More >>

Finally! Separate User Profiles Spotted in Android 4.2 Development Code

A barebones and half-working version of Android 4.2, packed with placeholder graphics to make it look even rougher, has been leaked, with one of the key discoveries so far being the inclusion of support for multiple user profiles. Read More >>

See That Woman Mumbling Into a Sock? She’s Using it to Hide a BlackBerry

An amazing hatchet job on RIM's current range of smartphones claims users are "ashamed" to be seen using BlackBerrys right now, as iPhone and Android models become the world's favourites and leave BB users embarrassed about their lumpen old phones. Read More >>

Twitter Use “Sounds Unhealthy” says… Twitter Founder

Biz Stone, one of Twitter's founding members, made a rather unfortunate claim regarding the health implications of spending your days staring at Twitter waiting to think of something funny to say, pointing out that it sounds like an "unhealthy" thing to do. Read More >>

Manufacturer Skins Be Damned — CyanogenMod Tops One Million Users

Showing that as long as manufacturers insist on forcing people to use their skins on top of Android, they’ll be an alternative in CyanogenMod, the custom ROM has hit over one million unique users. Read More >>