Take a Wild Guess Why Visiting 9,000 Porn Sites on Your Government Computer Is a Dumb Idea

A United States Geological Survey employee allegedly infected the scientific agency’s networks with malware after visiting thousands of porn websites on their government-issued laptop. According to a report released this month from the Office of Inspector General, many of those sites had malware. Read More >>

Robot Journalist Accidentally Reports on Earthquake from 1925

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported on a 6.8 earthquake that struck Santa Barbara at 4:51pm. Which might be surprising to the people of Santa Barbara who didn’t feel anything. The big problem with the story? The earthquake happened in 1925. Read More >>

Lava Gushing Into the Ocean Looks Like Delicious Tropical Punch

A month ago, a lava tube on the Hawaiian island of Kilauea was exposed after a large chunk of hardened magma broke off and fell into the ocean. Since then, molten lava has been pouring into the sea like delicious tropical punch from some magical never-ending juice box. Read More >>

Students’ Groundbreaking New Earthquake Warning System Could Save a City

Although we’re not 99.9% sure when an earthquake can strike, an earthquake early warning system could help cities take additional precautions and almost certainly save lives. A group of secondary school students are partnering with the US Geological Survey (USGS) to test how it might work. Read More >>

The Minority Report of Famine Prediction Knows Where to Send Aid

On a day spent dodging Periscope unboxings of Apple Watches on the other side of the Atlantic, it’s difficult to believe that there’s too little information in the world. But when it comes to life-and-death predictions of agriculture in Africa, systems are woefully inadequate and the only hope is space. Read More >>

Glacier National Park is on Track to be Glacier-Free by 2030

When Glacier National Park was dedicated in 1910, this stunning 1,583 square mile span of the Rocky Mountains on the Montana-Canadian border counted over 150 thick, morphing ice sheets that gave the park its name. One very warm century later, there are only 26 glaciers here. And by 2030, scientists warn, that number could be zero. Read More >>

monster machines
NASA’s Moon-Bound Geology Lab that Never Quite Got Off the Ground

The rigour of operating outside the atmosphere has often led to rather outlandish NASA vehicle designs, but few have been more alien than this mobile lunar field laboratory from the heyday of the Space Age. Shame it never actually made it past New Mexico. Read More >>

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A Timelapse of all the Earthquakes From This Record-Breaking April

Didn't it seem to you that the ground was exceptionally shaky last month? That there were reports on big earthquakes happening somewhere pretty much every week? It wasn't just your imagination: April produced a higher-than-normal number of moderate-to-large earthquakes, and you can see it for yourself. Read More >>